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Display any JSON document as a tree by typing M-x json-navigator-navigator. Here is a screencast showing the navigation tree of an example JSON document.


This project is made possible thanks to the hierarchy project.


Use melpa.


Move point before a JSON document and type M-x json-navigator-navigate-after-point, alternatively select a JSON region and invoke M-x json-navigator-navigate-region. This will open a new buffer where you can navigate the JSON hierarchy.

The available keybindings in the *hierarchy tree* buffer are the standard Emacs tree widget ones, Tab and shift-Tab will move on the tree, and Enter will expand/collapse nodes. The mouse can also be used to expand/collapse nodes by clicking on them.

Tree mode, if installed, can be activated in the JSON navigator *hierarchy-tree* buffer to allow for additional functionality like expanding whole subtrees, navigating to siblings and so on.


Yes, please do! See CONTRIBUTING for guidelines.


See COPYING. Copyright (c) 2017 Damien Cassou.