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                   Nemp - Noch ein MP3-Player
           (it's german for "Yet another mp3-player")


   Easy management and playback of a music collection with many "standard" features 
   and some special skills that aren't so common.

   Nemp can play, find and manage music files, playlists and web streams. 
   Among others mp3, ogg, wma, wav, flac, ape, aac, m4a, m3u, m3u8, pls, asx, wax. 

   Nemp does not need to be installed. As a tool on an external disk it is
   immediately ready for use on any computer - including the media library.

   Nemp can record webstreams (mp3 and aac only) and cut them automatically.

   Nemp has an integrated web server for remote control of the player in the local network,
   e.g. via a smartphone in the same WLAN.

   Nemp can scrobble, search online for cover art, search for lyrics, parallel playback
   of a second track (also on a second sound card), shut down the PC after some time,
   play a birthday song at midnight automatically ...  and a lot more.

   If you miss a function, just ask for it: E-Mail:

   Some features have already been added after user feedback - e.g. the search in the 
   playlist, marks in the library, the player log file, or the weighted random playback.