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Simple (for learning) capabilities based RPC protocol
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Simple (for learning) capabilities based RPC protocol.


Write some code using a capabilities system to get a feeling for how they work.

Game plan

  1. Write a basic system.
  2. Don't worry too much about parsing the data. Just do something simple and make whatever simplifying assumptions we want about the incoming bytes.
  3. Pick a well-used encoding (i.e. json) and don't worry about abstracting over the encoding at all.
  4. Don't worry about event loops or the network layer at all, but do think about what should return Futures so that event-loopy stuff can be done later.
  5. Identify the capabilities protocol itself: how do participants pass references as arguments to remote calls, etc. Focus entirely on this aspect of the problem.
  6. Abstract over the RPC service. Don't worry about auto-generating stubs, but do write code that allows a developer to implement an interface and plug it into a system expecting an implementation of that interface.
  7. Abstract over the encoding and add in at least one nicely done specific example (again, json is a good choice).
  8. Hook everything up to a real asynchronous system (i.e. Netty) and make a chat server or something as an example.
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