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Space Recycler

Space Recycler is a game originally created for Ludum Dare 18. The game was created from scratch and entirely by me in less than 48 hours.

Your objective is to kill as many monsters as you can. Surviving is actually not productive (you lose points for being alive without killing), but will spawn more enemies wich give you more and more points.

The whole game revolves around the theme Enemies as Weapons. In Space Recycler this becomes apparent by using the rests of dead enemies to kill other enemies. There is a single energy bar that lowers when you receive damage, shoot, attract debris or have much weight already attracted.


Key Action
Turns the ship counter-clockwise
Turns the ship clockwise
Advances the ship
V Shoots some weak energy
C Propels your attracted matter forward
X Attracts matter nearby or directly in front of you
K Kills yourself

Building/Running the Game

In the releases page you can find pre-compiled versions of the game in JAR format. In most systems you should be able to double-click the file to run it if you have Java installed. If you have problems, the Internet is full of advice on how to execute a runnable JAR.

If you want to build the game from source, the easiest way is to install Ant and run the ant command inside of the game directory. Running ant run will have the same effect, in addition to immediately run the game.