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ArchitectUI Bootstrap 4 ReactJS Theme FREE

Made with love by

PRO Version Available at -


Download and uncompress the theme package archive in your desired folder location.

Download and install Node.js from

Install the latest version of npm. This will be useful when running all the build commands. Run the following in a command line, either your IDE's Terminal window or in a Windows Command Prompt.

npm install --global npm@latest

Install the app dependencies by running the following command in the command line inside the folder root where you have unzipped the theme package archive.

npm install

After npm finishes installing the modules from package.json you can go ahead and start the application. To do so, run the command below.

You can also use yarn to install dependencies instead of npm.

npm run start

After the comand finished, you should see a Compiled successfully! message in your terminal window. Also, a web server service will be started so you can view your app in the browser: http://localhost:3000

Production Build

To create a production optimised build run the command below:

npm run build

This created another folder in the root of your project named build. You'll have an option to start a local web server to view your newly created production build.

serve -s build -l 4000

This will start a local web server on port 4000, on which the production folder (/build/) will be available in your browser.

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