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#StoryEngine ##About StoryEngine is a PHP based Engine to create and play online CYOA utilising Code Igniter ( and Twitter Bootstrap (

The initial version of the engine was created during a multi-linear storytelling course at the Zurich University of the Arts (


  1. Download the newest version of the engine from the master branch
  2. Copy everything except the _database folder, and .gitignore onto your webserver
  3. Use /_database/storyengine.sql (MySQL) to setup the database for the engine
  4. Edit /application/config/database.php to match your database connection
  5. If you want to change the engines language edit $config['language'] inside /application/config/config.php (only english and german are supported at the moment)
  6. Make sure that the assets folder and its subfolders have writing access
  7. Replace the files in /img/ico with your favicons
  8. The installation is complete and you can now log into the engine with the default account (username: administrator, password: password)

##Using the engine ###User management

  • Only administrators can manage users
  • Only authors can manage the story

###Story management

  • Create pages and add options to the pages to build your story
  • Pages can have consequences that affect the attributes you defined
  • Options can have conditions based on the defined attributes. If any condition is not met the option will not be displayed
  • Options can have consequences that affect the attributes you defined
  • Options can have checks based on attributes or random checks. If these checks are met a random success page will be chosen to go to. If they're not met a random fail page will be chosen.
  • Options without checks will always go to a random success page.
  • Add achievements based on the attributes you defined


Engine to create and play online CYOA




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