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CRunDec is "a C++ program for the running and decoupling of the strong coupling constant and quark masses", developed by Florian Herren and Matthias Steinhauser. Relevant references:

  • "Version 3 of RunDec and CRunDec", Florian Herren, Matthias Steinhauser arXiv:1703.03751
  • "CRunDec: a C++ package for running and decoupling of the strong coupling and quark masses", Barbara Schmidt, Matthias Steinhauser arXiv:1201.6149
  • "RunDec: A Mathematica package for running and decoupling of the strong coupling and quark masses", K.G. Chetyrkin, Johann H. Kühn, M. Steinhauser arXiv:hep-ph/0004189

Source code of CRunDec 3.0

rundec-python is a Python package providing a thin wrapper around CRunDec.


pip install rundec


The API is analogous to CRunDec, see the documentation.

import rundec

crd = rundec.CRunDec()

# compute alpha_s at the b quark mass scale with 3-loop accuracy
crd.AlphasExact(0.1185, 91.1876, 4.18, 5, 3)

# compute the b quark pole mass using the 2-loop conversion from the MSbar mass
crd.mMS2mOS(4.18, None,  0.26, 4.18, 5, 2)

Technical details

The wrapper was generated with SWIG.

Binary wheels are provided via PyPI for Linux and Mac OS (built on Travis CI) and for Windows (built on AppVeyor).

The Windows wheels require Python 3.5+, on Linux and Mac OS Python 2.7+ is sufficient.