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Historical data about Covid19 epidemic in Italy
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Time Series of the Covid19 epidemic data in Italy alt text

In this repo I make available the time series of data as communicated by the Protezione Civile every day at 6pm CET.

Two data-sets are provided starting from the 25th of February:

  1. Daily incremental data
  2. Cumulative data from the start to each date

The data provided is:

a. Date = Date of reporting

b. Region = Italian macro area responsible for reporting

c. Hospitalised = Positive cases admitted in hospitals with symptoms (excluding people in ICU)

d. In ICU = Positive cases hospitalised and under intensive care units

e. Home Isolation = Positive cases who are quarantined in house

f. Healed = Positive cases that have turned negative

g. Dead = Positive cases who are dead

h. Tests = Number of tests in the area

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