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Demonstration of My Father's World's unique curriculum system

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Family Learning Cycle

An explorable explanation of My Father's World's unique curriculum system. Create tokens representing your children and see how they progress through the curriculum.


In flcToy.js, instantiate a Family Learning Cycle object with flcToy.setup(options). options is an object with the following properties:

  • canvas: ID of canvas to be used.

  • story: Name of story to be used for the guided tour, or manual for manual mode.

  • If you pick a story, you need to set backBtn, fwdBtn, and textField so we can shuttle through the story. Each of these should be a jQuery object pointing to an element on the page.

  • If you set manual mode, you don't need textField or prevBtn, but you do need to set up controls for creating tokens. Each of these properties needs a jQuery object corresponding to an element on the page:

    • nameField (<input id="name-field" value="Guy">)
    • gradeSelect (<select id="grade-select"> <option value="0">Preschool</option> <option value="1">Pre-K</option>...)
    • heightSlider (<input type="range" id="height-slider" min="20" max="70" step="5">)
    • colorBoxes: Instead of a jQuery object, just provide the name of a group of <input type="radio">s, each with a value="#somehexcolor".


Released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license.