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Majora's Mask 3D HD textures

Download releases here

Related discord servers:

Complimentary Mods:

Project Restoration by leoetlino (Recommended)

Soundtrack replacers: these are entirely preference based, get the one that sounds best to you.

Majora's Mask N64 OST To 3DS (Recommended for purists)

Majora's Mask 3D Remastered Soundtrack (Recommended for those who feel like Nintendo should've remastered the soundtrack entirely)



  • Download and install the Citra Canary build from Citra's website here

It is best to make a folder called user inside the directory where the citra-qt.exe is located, and then run it once.

That way the config files and what not get populated to the same folder as Citra and not in your Documents or AppData folder. (I forget which folder they go to by default specifically)

  • Open Citra
  • Right click Majora's Mask and click Open Custom Texture Location
  • Place the textures you want from the into this folder.
  • Go into graphics options in Citra and make sure you have Use Custom Textures enabled.
  • Done

About [Variants]

These are only in older versions: they're textures that have minor tweaks here and there, IE N64 Sun and Moon Icons vs the 3DS Sun and Moon Icons Anything with an x at the end has sub folders so you need to go into those folders and pick the ones in there that you want as well.

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