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This repository presents an arithmetic library that is shared between several proof systems. For the moment, the proofs can be exported to the following systems:

  • Coq
  • Matita
  • OpenTheory
  • Lean
  • PVS

If you want to export this library to your favorite system, please send us an email:, All contributions are welcome!

Compiling the project

To compile the project, you need to install the last version of Dedukti The only dependency needed is mongo that you can install with opam. Then you can compile the project with

make main

To export the library you can use the command

make <system>

where <system> can be either coq, matita. lean or pvs or opentheory. You can also compile all the files one:

make library/nat.v

to generate coq files for example.

Exporting the MongoDB Database

This process requires first to have a MongoDB server. You can install one with the following command: sudo apt install mongodb

Then you need to run a server with the following command: mongo

To export the Mongo DB, you just need to invoke the Makefile with the following command: make bdd-dep

In the bdd folder, you will find scripts related to the bdd. In particular, since we are using MongoDB, it is better if you drop the old database before updating it.


  • Lean/Coq/Matita/OpenTheory : François Thiré
  • PVS : Gilles Dowek

Known issue

  • We don't use the functor mechanism of Coq for the moment because it is heavy to instantiate and hard to use.
  • OpenTheory output comsumes a lot of memory (about 4Go). This is due to a memoization problem on our side. This should be fixed in a future version.
  • Files are generated all at the same time. In later versions, we would like to generate them one by one.