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Logipedia is a project that aims to translate and share formal proofs between several systems. The website displaying all available proofs can be reached at



  • Dedukti commit 5990bc6
    git clone
    git checkout 5990bc6
    make install
  • ppx_deriving_yojson
  • dune

Build & install

make install


Project documentation

The source of the project documentation can be found in docs. The documentation can be browsed at or it can be built locally and then browsed using mkdocs with

mkdocs build
mkdocs serve

then head to

Note: version(mkdocs) >= 1.0.0. Use pip3 install -U mkdocs to upgrade mkdocs.

API documentation

The code is also documented with dune and mkdocs, use make doc to build it. It will be available in _build/default/_doc/, so you can run for instance firefox _build/default/_doc/_html/logipedia/index.html.

Contributing to Logipedia

To contribute to the API, simply fork the repository and make a pull request. To work on new translations, send an email to