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Updated Oct 18, 2016

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Updated Oct 15, 2016


JaMoPP can parse Java source and byte code into EMF-based models and vice versa. It preserves source formatting and can be used for code analysis and refactoring.

Updated Oct 15, 2016

Java 9 5


EMFText is an Eclipse plug-in that allows you to define text syntax for languages described by an Ecore metamodel. EMFText enables developers to define textual Domain Specific Languages quickly and without the need to learn new technologies and concepts.

Updated Oct 15, 2016

Java 8 6


JUnitLoop is a tiny Eclipse plug-in that executes all JUnit test cases in the workspace that might be affected when a class is saved.

Updated Oct 15, 2016

Java 1 1


EMFTools is a collection of tools that can be applied to EMF Ecore models.

Updated Oct 15, 2016

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CommentTemplate is a code generation extension for the Java language. CommentTemplate takes the important features of existing code generation languages, which are not offered by Java itself already, and implements those as a light-weight extension for Java.

Updated Oct 15, 2016

Java 9 2


BuildBoost is a build framework for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) that is highly extensible and focused on building OSGi bundles and Eclipse plug-ins.

Updated Oct 14, 2016

Java 1 3


CodeComposers is a library for generating source code. It automatically handles indentation and provides on-demand imports for Java code.

Updated Aug 24, 2016

Java 2 2


The JDTUtilities are a small set of utility classes that ease using the Eclipse JDT API.

Updated Jul 31, 2016

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Contains various tutorial projects to explore the power of Acceptance-Test Driven Development (ATDD) with NatSpec.

Updated Feb 2, 2016

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A syntax library that allows to use FitNesse-style tables in NatSpec specifications.

Updated Dec 19, 2015


Updated Nov 2, 2015

Java 3 1


A library to document software requirements in a natural yet formalised way.

Updated Oct 11, 2015

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DevBoost Shared

Updated Oct 8, 2015

Java 1 1


Contains project with useful code for JUnit testing

Updated May 8, 2015

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Regression tests for JaMoPP that parse and reprint thousands of Java files.

Updated Apr 13, 2015

Java 1 2


Semantic Web languages and bridges built with EMF and EMFText.

Updated May 16, 2014

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A syntax library that allows to test SWT applications with SWTBot using natural language (and NatSpec).

Updated May 7, 2014


AudioBerry is a web application which connects with Raspberry PI devices to output audio streams.

Updated Oct 12, 2013