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A media player for iOS based on FFmpeg 4.0.
DLGPlayer uses kolyvan/kxmovie as reference when written and NO deprecated functions and methods are used.
If you found any deprecated function or method, please submit an issue to me.
Great thanks for Konstantin Boukreev's kxmovie.

0. Screenshots

Orientation Audio Video

1. Build FFmpeg for iOS

(0) Support https (Optional)

If you want to build FFmpeg with OpenSSL to support https, please see How to build FFmpeg with OpenSSL first, or continue.

(1) Download FFmpeg source from FFmpeg official site.

Download and unzip ffmpeg-4.0.tar.bz2  

(2) Use kewlbear/FFmpeg-iOS-build-script to build FFmpeg for iOS

Follow the steps in the of kewlbear/FFmpeg-iOS-build-script to build FFmpeg for iOS.
You need to edit since the default version may not be 4.0.

##### Change Begin #####
#####  Change End  #####

You need to edit audio_convert_neon.S if you are about to compile FFmpeg 4.0 (armv7/armv7s).
Open the file "ffmpeg-4.0/libswresample/arm/audio_convert_neon.S".

Delete _swri_oldapi_conv_flt_to_s16_neon: and _swri_oldapi_conv_fltp_to_s16_2ch_neon:.
Change _swri_oldapi_conv_flt_to_s16_neon to X(swri_oldapi_conv_flt_to_s16_neon) and _swri_oldapi_conv_fltp_to_s16_2ch_neon to X(swri_oldapi_conv_fltp_to_s16_2ch_neon).


function swri_oldapi_conv_flt_to_s16_neon, export=1
// >> Delete Begin
// _swri_oldapi_conv_flt_to_s16_neon:
// << Delete End
        subs            r2,  r2,  #8
        vld1.32         {q0},     [r1,:128]!
        vcvt.s32.f32    q8,  q0,  #31


function swri_oldapi_conv_fltp_to_s16_2ch_neon, export=1
// >> Delete Begin
// _swri_oldapi_conv_fltp_to_s16_2ch_neon:
// << Delete End
        ldm             r1,  {r1, r3}
        subs            r2,  r2,  #8
        vld1.32         {q0},     [r1,:128]!


function swri_oldapi_conv_fltp_to_s16_nch_neon, export=1
        cmp             r3,  #2
        itt             lt
        ldrlt           r1,  [r1]
// >> Change Begin
//        blt             _swri_oldapi_conv_flt_to_s16_neon
//        beq             _swri_oldapi_conv_fltp_to_s16_2ch_neon
        blt             X(swri_oldapi_conv_flt_to_s16_neon)
        beq             X(swri_oldapi_conv_fltp_to_s16_2ch_neon)
// << Change End

        push            {r4-r8, lr}
        cmp             r3,  #4
        lsl             r12, r3,  #1
        blt             4f


(3) Put built FFmpeg include files and libraries into DLGPlayer/Externals/ffmpeg folder.

Put built "ffmpeg/include" and "ffmpeg/lib" folders into example project's "DLGPlayer/Externals/ffmpeg" folder.

2. Run demo

Build project and run demo on your device or simulator.

3. Play media

(1) Put any media files such as mp4 or mp3 into your server's folder.

Make sure those media files can be access by url (such as from browser.
Then input "" into the text box on the top of the main view and go!

(2) Transfer any media files using file management.

Select "Local Files" in the main view.
Transfer the media files according to the tips on the top of the file management view.
Select any one media file listed in the table and enjoy it!

4. Usage

(1) Use DLGPlayerViewController to play a media file with HUD.

    DLGPlayerViewController *vc = [[DLGPlayerViewController alloc] init];
    vc.autoplay = YES;
    vc.repeat = YES;
    vc.preventFromScreenLock = YES;
    vc.restorePlayAfterAppEnterForeground = YES;
    vc.view.frame = self.view.frame;
    [self.view addSubview:vc.view];
    vc.url = @"";
    [vc open];

(2) Use DLGPlayer to play a media file without HUD.

    DLGPlayer *player = [[DLGPlayer alloc] init];
    UIView *v = player.playerView;
    v.frame = self.view.frame;
    [self.view addSubview:v];
    [player open:@""];
    [player play];

See DLGPlayerViewController class for more usage details.

5. Required frameworks and libraries

  • Accelerate.framework
  • AudioToolbox.framework
  • CoreAudio.framework
  • CoreGraphics.framework
  • CoreMedia.framework
  • MediaPlayer.framework
  • OpenGLES.framework
  • QuartzCore.framework
  • VideoToolbox.framework
  • libiconv.tbd
  • libbz2.tbd
  • libz.tbd

6. References

Thank you all!

7. License



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