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License MIT

###Icon AsyncLoader: Dynamic Ajax Requests Made Easy

Helper classes to dynamic load content in an ASP.NET View using JQuery using one line of code

How to Install

AsyncLoader are only two helper classes with no external dependencies (except jquery and asp.mvc) Is distributed as a NuGet package. It can be installed issuing the following command in the Package Manager Console:

PM> Install-Package Devoo.AsyncLoader

Sample View Code

 // Plain Text Async
 @Html.LoadAsync(() => "Plain Text")

 // Autorefresh async text
 // Each second an ajax call will be made to reload the new string
 @Html.LoadAsync(() => "Current Time: " + DateTime.Now.ToString(), TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1))
 // Delayed load of the async string
 @Html.LoadAsync(() =>
                    return "After slow function you get the result...";