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For use with automating my homelab
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Dilden's Ansible + Proxmox Homelab Automation

What is this?

This repo contains the Ansible playbooks and configuration used to manage and automate my Proxmox based homelab.


Clone this repo Ensure you also have Ansible installed

The main points

  • Configuration is set in ansible.cfg. This exists only to tell Ansible where to look for server definitions (inventory).
  • Servers (inventory) are defined in the hosts file and are placed in "groups" defined by []
  • The group_vars folder contains variables and credentials for use with the servers in those groups.
  • creds.yml will need to be created via ansible-vault create in the appropriate folder and will need to be configured like so: --- vault_api_password: 'PROXMOX_HOST_PASSWORD' From there, containers are configured within group_vars/virtualizer/vars.yml

After setting up everything, run the prep-host.yml playbook to ensure proxmoxer and other various dependencies are installed on the host.


Since I keep forgetting how to run these update commands, I figured I should document them here.

ansible-playbook books/update-host-all.yml --ask-vault-pass -u root will run the playbook that updates the host/virtualizer

ansible-playbook books/update-containers.yml --ask-vault-pass -u root will update all containers

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