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Docverter Server

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Docverter Server

Docverter is a document conversion server with an HTTP interface. It wrap the following open source software in a JRuby app:


Installing on Heroku is the easiest option. Simply clone the repo, create an app, and push:

$ git clone
$ cd docverter
$ heroku create --buildpack
$ heroku config:add PATH=bin:/app/bin:/app/jruby/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/app/calibre/bin
$ heroku config:add LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/app/calibre/lib
$ git push heroku master

If you'd like to install locally, first ensure that Jruby, Pandoc and Calibre are installed and available. Then (for Ubuntu):

$ jruby -S gem install foreman
$ git clone
$ cd docverter
$ sudo foreman export upstart /etc/init -u <some app user> -a docverter -l /var/log/docverter
$ sudo service docverter start

Other distributions will be similar. See the documentation for Foreman for more export options.



See doc/ and Docverter Ruby for usage documentation.


See doc/examples/php/markdown_to_pdf.php for usage documentation.

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