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Spotify Plugin for Quicksilver
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Spotify Plugin.xcodeproj
Spotify Plugin

Spotify Quicksilver Plugin

Please download this plugin from the release page.

Support 12 different commands to control Spotify.

Commands include:

  • Decrease Volume (Spotify)
  • Increase Volume (Spotify)
  • Mute (Spotify)
  • Next Song (Spotify)
  • Previous Song (Spotify)
  • Play (Spotify)
  • Pause (Spotify)
  • Play/Pause (Spotify)
  • Show Playing Track (Spotify)
  • Share on Twitter (Spotify)*
  • Save (Spotify)**
  • Follow Artist***

*Share on Twitter function relies on OS X's Twitter integration.
**Save command will save current playing track to Your Music Library. You need login to support this function.
***This function will let you follow the artist of the current playing track. You need login to support this function.

Now also support "Current playing" proxy. After login from preference panel, all your public playlists as well as each playlist's first 100 songs will add to your catalog. You can also "right arrow" into Spotify to see all the playlists.

If you want to have your private playlists into your catalog, be sure to check the check box in preference panel.

Support Actions:

  • Play track or playlist
  • Open playlist in web Browser
  • Add track to a playlist (dose not support legacy starred playlist)
  • Search on Spotify (will open your default browser to show search results)


  • Show notification when Spotify playing track changed.

Added "(Spotify)" suffix to some commands in order to distinguish with iTunes command.

Please Check Wiki for Manual and more information.

Thanks for Rob McBroom at Quicksilver Development Google group for all those suggestions.

This plugin is maintained by @iDoraemoe

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