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Introducing See4Me

See4Me is a cross-platform app to 'see' the world using Microsoft Cognitive Services. Simply point the smartphone and tap: in a few moments the app will describe and speak what it sees -- from scenes to objects to people with age and emotion. The app is also able to automatically translate descriptions using Microsoft Translator.

Getting started

To use See4Me, you must obtain Cognitive API and Microsoft Translator subscription keys by following the instructions available in How to register Cognitive Services.

Then, you need to enter these service keys (Subscription Key for Vision, Face, Emotion and Translator Services) in the Src/See4Me.Shared/ServiceKeys.cs file.


Windows 10 version

iOS version


The project is continuously evolving. We welcome contributions. Feel free to file issues and pull requests on the repo and we'll address them as we can.

Developer Code of Conduct

The image, voice, video or text understanding capabilities of See4Me use Microsoft Cognitive Services. Microsoft will receive the images, audio, video, and other data that you upload (via this app) for service improvement purposes. To report abuse of the Microsoft Cognitive Services to Microsoft, please visit the Microsoft Cognitive Services website at, and use the "Report Abuse" link at the bottom of the page to contact Microsoft. For more information about Microsoft privacy policies please see their privacy statement here:

See4Me uses the Microsoft Cognitive Services, see Developers using this project are expected to follow the “Developer Code of Conduct for Microsoft Cognitive Services” at


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