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Backend-agnostic message queuing library for .NET.
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A backend-agnostic message queueing library for .NET.

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AnyQ is designed to handle the internals of dealing with Message Queueing, leaving developers able to focus on the actual work to be performed.


  • No external dependencies (except those required by the backing queue).
  • Supports any message queue supported by .NET
  • Send a job to a queue in 3 lines of code.
  • Syncronous or asyncronous execution of jobs.
  • Highly extensible
  • Event-driven model


A simple implemention demo using MSMQ as the backing queue can be found here.


The core of the functionality in AnyQ is handled by the JobQueueListener class. To create a JobQueueListener instance, you need only provide an instance of an IJobQueueFactory. Some backing queue implementations (such as AnyQ.Queues.Msmq) already provide one for you.

Once you have an instance of JobQueueListener, you can then add one or more JobHandler instances for handling jobs, or an IJobHandlerLocator instance for locating other handlers.

Upon calling Listen(), AnyQ will begin sending jobs to your JobHandlers for processing.

API Reference

(see the Wiki)

Builing AnyQ

Building AnyQ requires Visual Studio 2017.

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