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Dragon Armor

Dragon Helmet

This is the repository for CAD files and various other design, manufacturing related plans for world's first open-source software & hardware collaboration that aims to create a high tech helmet.

Dragon Armor is a multidisciplinary engineering project that particularly focused on computer, electrical, mechanical and aerospace engineering. If you are willing to contribute then please visit the project page to learn the TODOs.

If you are willing to fund the project then please contact the project lead via

The CAD files (which are the files with .stp and .f3z extensions) must be opened/imported with exactly the same filenames using Autodesk Fusion 360. The files with .f3z extension are the distributed designs, it means they are depended to other files(.stp) so you need to import/upload all the files to your project. For Dragon Helmet for example TheHelmet.f3z is the main project file and it depends to all the other files located under DragonArmor/tree/master/DragonHelmet.

You can also view the files with .stl extension directly on your browser, thanks to GitHub's brilliant STL File Viewing feature.

If you are not familiar with Git and GitHub then please follow these tutorials first:

If you are not familiar with Autodesk Fusion 360 then please follow this tutorial.

For asking any questions you can either use the issues section or our Gitter chat room.


Dragon Armor 3D-printable CAD files (Autodesk Fusion 360)





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