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2D game with soft body physics.
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JellyCar is great 2d game with soft body physics created by Walaber

This is homebrew version that I made with permission from original author for many platforms. (PC, PSP, Wii,PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch)

Current implemetation uses my library: Andromeda-Lib

Build instructions.


For all platforms you must clone first Andromeda-Lib , then this repository.

PlayStation Vita

  • Install newest VitaSDK using
  • Compile Androimeda-Lib
    • Go to Androimeda-Lib/Build/Vita
    • Run "make -jn" (where n is numer of cores of your cpu)
  • Compile JellyCar
    • Go to JellyCar/Build/Vita
    • Run "make -jn" (where n is numer of cores of your cpu)

Nintendo Switch

  • Install devkitpro with Nintendo Switch SDK
  • Install additional libs
    • pacman -S switch-pkg-config switch-mesa switch-glad switch-glm switch-sdl2 switch-sdl2_mixer switch-freetype
  • Compile JellyCar
    • Go to JellyCar/Build/Switch
    • Run "make -jn" (where n is numer of cores of your cpu)
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