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Legend of the Invincibles


Legend of the Invincibles is an add-on campaign for the game Battle for Wesnoth. It adds a massive campaign, about 200 scenarios long. The campaign has largely tweaked game mechanics, mainly expanding the RPG part of the game.

Other information

The author of this campaign is Dugi (due to name uniqueness, the name is spelled as Dugy on GitHub). The address of the git repository is The forum thread discussing the campaign is at If you wish to discuss anything, go there.


The add-on is usually downloaded from the game's add-on server. If you wish to use the version from GitHub, look at to see how to use it.

Code style

Lua code uses snake case and tab indentation. The breaking of long lines is not decided on.

WML code uses the generally recommended code style, snake case for variable names, four spaces for indentation.

Its usage of space indentation bears no advantage over tabs, but increases file size and is inconsistent with automatically generated and indented code by the game engine (that uses tabs). If you want to use tabs instead, you can have git filter the code for you, on your local repository only:

  • create a file git/info/attributes containing *.cfg filter=tabspace
  • use command git config filter.tabspace.smudge 'unexpand --tabs=4 --first-only'
  • use command git config -filter.tabspace.clean 'expand --tabs=4 --initial'
  • delete all files of type .cfg in the repository and use git reset --hard
  • edit the editorconfig file and untrack it git update-index --assume-unchanged .editorconfig


An add-on campaign for the Battle for Wesnoth game




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