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Rhodium Libre Development

Rhodium Libre is a font developed by James Puckett of Dunwich Type Founders.

Rhodium Libre was designed for use on screens at small sizes and the Latin and Devanagari scripts. To that end, the design is generally uncomplicated and coarse, lacking the small details that are lost on screens; this also reduces the file size to improve latency when used as a web font. The letters are designed slightly wide, with open counters, a large x-height in the Latin glyphs, and so on. The Devanagari glyphs are the same height as the Latin capitals to allow them to stand alongside the oversized Latin lowercase.

Historical models for Rhodium’s design are Fortune (AKA Volta) by Konrad Bauer and Walter Baum, and Rex by Intertype. Matthew Carter’s Verdana provided insight into designing type for small sizes and adverse reading environments.

The Devanagari glyph set supports contemporary Hindi, Marathi, and Nepali. The Latin glyph set supports Adobe’s Latin-3 character set. For more information about Adobe character sets see

It is released under the SIL Open Font License Version 1.1, available with an FAQ at Rhodium is a trademark of Dunwich Type Founders. If you fork the design please be sure to change the font names.

Initial development was discussed in!topic/googlefontdirectory-discuss/ulHem5sh29A

Rhodium Libre was developed and compiled using a beta version of Glyphs 2 by Georg Seifert available from and proofs are created with Adobe Indesign CC 2014.

Dunwich Type Founders cares what you think! Please file issues on the Github project issue tracker, at or contact us privately at

Thanks to:

  • Dave Crossland
  • Georg Seifert
  • Rob Keller and Kimya Gandhi (Mota Italic)
  • John Hudson
  • Fiona Ross


F/OSS/Libre font for Latin and Devanagari




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