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* DYN-4964-WorkingRange-Popup

I've added a new button in the Workspace that when is clicked will show a popup containing the working ranges and the one currently selected.
This new button will show a different image when the mouse is hover and when is clicked, also I've added a tooltip.
For implementing this functionality I've added a new Popup (GeometryScalingPopup.xaml) and it's corresponding ViewModel. Finally I've added a converter that will receive as a parameter the current Working Range and will return a Brush with a specific color so the checkmark will be visible or not.

* DYN-4964-WorkingRange-Popup CodeReview1

Added functionality for the new DefaultGeometryScaling property that will be serialized in the DynamoSettings.xml.
Also I've disconnected the functionality of selecting the Geometry Scale for the current Workspace in the Preferences panel, now will be selected from the Dynamo workspace and will be serialized in the dyn file (as currently is happening).

* DYN-4964-WorkingRange-Popup CodeReview1

Updated the string shown in Preferences panel (Geometry Scaling section) and the tooltip showed when the mouse is over the new Workspace button.

* Build Fix

When merging master to my branch there were some changed that I didn't noticed in the PR so I'm reverting back those changes.

* DYN-4964-WorkingRange-Popup CodeReview 2

Fixed several comments also several methods were removed (like RadioGeometryScaling_Checked method) or moved
The property GeoScalingViewModel was moved from DynamoViewModel to WorkspaceViewModel..
The property CurrentGeometryScaling was deleted due that was duplicating a functionality.

* DYN-4964-WorkingRange-Popup CodeReview 2

When changing the Workspace Geometry Scaling it was not running the graph so I did some changes so it will be running the graph every time is updated.

* DYN-4964-WorkingRange-Popup CodeReview 2

Add functionality for when a custom node is created the Workspace Scale Factor is set.
Updating and removing some comments and also I started to add the unit test.

* DYN-4964-WorkingRange-Popup CodeReview2

Updating Unit Test

* DYN-4964-WorkingRange-Popup Fixing Tests

I did the next fixes:
The test TestImportCopySettings() was failing due that was reading the DynamoSettings-NewSettings.xml and comparing against the properties in PreferencesSetting so the DefaultScaleFactor was missing in the DynamoSettings-NewSettings.xml file.

The test PreferencesGeoScaling_RunGraph_Automatic due that was opening the Preferences panel and changing the Geometry Scaling value for the workspace but now that this value was moved to the Workspace in a Popup then the code needed some changes so we can change the Geometry Scaling value using the Popup.


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mono_build Dynamo-VS2022Build

Nuget DynamoVisualProgramming.Core on

Image Dynamo is a visual programming tool that aims to be accessible to both non-programmers and programmers alike. It gives users the ability to visually script behavior, define custom pieces of logic, and script using various textual programming languages.

Get Dynamo

Looking to learn or download Dynamo? Check out!


Create a Node Library for Dynamo

If you're interested in developing a Node library for Dynamo, the easiest place to start is by browsing the DynamoSamples. These samples use the Dynamo NuGet packages which can be installed using the NuGet package manager in Visual Studio.

Documentation of the Dynamo API via with a searchable index of public API calls for core functionality in the dynamo nuget packages. WIP.

The API Changes document explains changes made to the Dynamo API with every version.

You can learn more about developing libraries for Dynamo on the Dynamo wiki or the Developer page.

Build Dynamo from Source

You will need the following to build the latest Dynamo on Windows:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 (any edition)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 (included with Visual Studio 2022)
  • Node.js v16 and npm v8
    • Download and install the latest LTS version of Node.js
    • Open up your Command Prompt and check you have successfully installed Node by inputting node -v. If you have Node installed, it will tell you the version.
  • GitHub for Windows
  • For runnning Dynamo tests within Visual Studio -NUnit Test Adapter 2

If you are working on legacy branches, you may need to install legacy .NET Framework versions through Visual Studio Tools > Get Tools and Features... or downloading from the archive here.

The Dynamo user interface is Windows-only, but with some extra effort the Dynamo engine can be built for other platforms. Directions for building Dynamo on Linux or OS X can be found here. Find more about how to build Dynamo at our wiki and Dynamo Developer Resources


Dynamo is an open-source project and would be nothing without its community. You can make suggestions or track and submit bugs via Github issues. You can submit your own code to the Dynamo project via a Github pull request.


See the Release Notes.


Dynamo now leverages the same instrumentation component as other Autodesk products which share the opt-in option. The data will be used to enhance the usability of the product.


Dynamo is licensed under the Apache License. Dynamo also uses a number of third party libraries, some with different licenses. You can find more information here.