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Release Notes

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User Enhancements:

  • WIP - Enhance the UI of the workspace dependency viewer, including states, installation directly from the extension view and simple conflict resolution. PR
  • Publish packages with a marked external application dependency, and filter packages when searching by this value. For example, you can filter all packages that require Revit. PR
  • Display these required applications in the package search view. PR
  • Make numeric comparisons more predictable by using platform comparison. No longer use a fixed tolerance. PR
  • Better warning messages for over indexing or indexing a null. PR
  • Update to IronPython 2.7.9 PR

API Changes:

  • Core sample files now work complete in sandbox and don't require Revit nodes. Revit specific samples have been created. PR
  • Add PackageDependencyState API. PR
  • Add PackageInstaller API to ViewExtensions PR
  • Sandbox will look for the geometry library in Robot Structural Analysis. PR

Bug Fixes:

  • Use UICulture correctly to select localized languages more precisely. PR
  • No longer overwrite localized tooltips with data saved in the .dyn PR
  • Wrap longer tooltips on ports. PR
  • Installing a custom node package missing from a currently open workspace, in automatic run mode might cause a crash - PR
  • Publish Current Workspace and Publish Selected Nodes commands might appear to stop working PR

Known Issues:

  • After installing a zero touch package through the workspace dependency viewer, the package will show as missing until the graph is reopened.
  • Adding or removing nodes does not currently refresh the dependency viewer - you can reopen the graph or reopen the viewer from the view menu to refresh it manually for now.


User Enhancements:

  • New Surface Boolean nodes added to the geometry library - these provide a substantial performance improvement when performing 2d boolean operations on surfaces, for example trimmed polygon surface union, which previously required creating and differencing solids.(PR)
  • Prevent packages which contain customNodes which are already loaded in another package from being loaded. This change prevents the case where one package overwrites the contents of another package. (PR) (PR)
  • graphs saved in version 2.3 now serialize a the NodeLibraryDependencies property which currently contains which packages the graph was using when saved. (PR)(PR)
  • When a graph is opened with missing package dependencies these are shown in the right side panel. (PR)
  • PreviewFeature flag with feedback link has been added to make collecting feedback on new experimental features easier and more productive. (PR)
  • More advanced connector actions ( select + shift + click output moves multiple connectors) and (ctrl + click inputs duplicates connectors) (PR) (PR)
  • SetValue dialog (notes and node name editing) is now resize-able (PR)
  • PackageSearch cannot be started unless package data has been returned from package manager. (Thanks Ryan Porter!) (PR)
  • Update about box content(PR)
  • PerformanceTool is now added to Dynamo Repo. Watch for a blog post on what you can do with this tool. (PR) (PR) (PR) (PR)
  • Performance Improvements to the VM up to 20% in some cases where many functions are replicated over a large list. (PR)

API Changes:

  • New ViewExtensions side panel on the right side of the Dynamo UI, API is still experimental.(PR)
  • Addition of the ProfilingSession and EnableProfiling APIs for measuring execution time of nodes(PR)
  • Addition of NodeExecution event which is enabled when profiling is enabled - can be used to be notified when each node begins and ends execution. (PR)
  • Don't reset the user's preference setting for analytics if they have already set it. (PR)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix loading of packages which have interdependencies or share ZeroTouch assembly dependencies. (PR)
  • Dynamo respects the RunSettings.Enabled flag when runs are requested.(PR)
  • Auto lacing added to context menu - (Thanks Ryan Porter). (PR)
  • stringFromArray represents lists in Dynamo 2.0 syntax (PR)
  • Fix a crash that occurred when a codeblock containing a function definition was deleted if that function definition used default arguments. (PR)
  • Improve testing cases for replication of mixed type and rank. (There are still some remaining tracked cases) (PR)
  • customNode element binding has been improved - the specific case is described in (PR) (PR)
  • hide return_reserved in codeblock autocomplete (PR)
  • Coordinate Systems now display their background preview geometry correctly when the geometry scale factor is changed.

2.0.3 (hotfix for DynamoRevit 2017 - 2019 users)

  • LibrarieJS crash was fixed when loading packages containing many custom nodes (PR)
  • Many language level fixes cherry picked from 2.2 release: (PR) These changes include:
    • Do not allow indexing into a list or single item with a [] operator that is greater than the rank of the list
    • Allow string indexing
    • Fix a case where replication would fail with nested sublists with null or empty lists as first item in outer list.
    • Lists containing elements of different ranks, but with same type ie. [[[2]],[1]] will now replicate correctly. There is still one remaining failing case when the elements are of different types: [["string"],[1]], instead the node will return null.
  • Maintain imperative for loop behavior allowing iteration over a single item (PR)

Note: regarding indexing change for single items.

For example in Dynamo 2.0.2 the designScript 100[0]; Would return 100, but this should have thrown an indexing exception as it did in Dynamo 1.3.

If you need this behavior you can still use List.FirstItem or List.GetItemAtIndex image

Known Issues:

2.0.3 Sandbox will not connect to the package manager after August 3 TLS cut over. Use a newer sandbox available from or use Dynamo from an up to date Revit version.


  • LibG managed dlls share versioning scheme with Dynamo - (PR)


User Enhancements:

  • Crash reporting dialog does not automatically populate stack trace.(PR)
  • The render precision preference is now saved between dynamo sessions.(PR)
  • Performance improvement related to loading element binding data. Graphs that create lots of elements should run much faster on load than they did before (2 -10x) depending on number of elements created. (PR)
  • Image capture functionality now creates uniquely named image files.(PR)

API Changes:

  • Python template can be set at Dynamo startup via the API.(PR)
  • Removed support for older versions of Geometry library.(PR)
  • New custom node inputs no longer support spaces in their names. This unifies the parsing of identifier names.
  • GetGeometeryFactoryPath will fallback to find older versions of geometry library.(PR)
  • Start delivering debug symbols of DynamoCore (for developers) (PR)

Bug Fixes:

  • Untranslated strings in some geometry nodes were fixed.(PR)
  • AllowRankReductionAttribute was enabled on properties of ZeroTouch classes.(PR)
  • Fixed dropdown nodes failing to load correctly when selected item names contained special characters.(PR)
  • IronPython auto complete is faster and provides better hints.(PR)
  • Fix replication over lists where first item is null or empty list (PR)



  • Library search performance improvements in general leading to faster search and more accurate key words matching. (Issue, PR1, PR2, PR3)
  • There is a new Dynamo public nuget available for those who want easy access to localized Dynamo Samples. Please check out DynamoVisualProgramming.DynamoSamples
  • CEF component in Dynamo Library updated to v65 to align with Revit version, user should see interaction like scrolling more fluent there
  • IronPython updated to v2.7.8, please check out details at link. Also note that IronPython is now installed inside DynamoCore folder instead of being system-wise installed.
  • DynamoCore finished necessary geometry library update to support newer version of host integration clients, e.g. Revit 2020, Civil 3D 2020
  • Any node produce dictionary as output can now connect to Python node, vice versa (Issue, PR)
  • Any node produce dictionary as output can now connect to Zerotouch node accepting IDictionary. (PR)
  • Dynamo CLI clients now can specify ZeroTouch dependencies before running a graph. (PR)
  • User will now get a dialog asking them to not use special characters when creating custom nodes, thus prevent crashes in that case. (PR)
  • Package node migration for Dynamo 2.0+ graphs enabled. (PR)

Known Issues:

  • Nodes

    • Dictionary links for individual nodes are removed from each node, user can still access Dictionary using the links on startup page
  • DesignScript

    • Nested associative blocks inside of imperative blocks causes a crash

    • DesignScript does not support syntax for string literals. This is by design and the use of String node is recommended for string literals for now. Refer to the "Bug Fixes" section of 1.3 Release Notes for an explanation of escape characters and character escape sequences.

    • There are existing bugs with nodes not replicating properly over nested homogeneous lists with the first element having a rank (dimensionality) smaller than the rank of the element(s) following it. There is also an existing bug with nodes not replicating properly over nested heterogeneous lists (with each element having rank greater than or equal to zero). For example, A nested list containing a list of integers and a list of points would not replicate properly ([[1,2,3],[p1,p2,p3]]).

    • There is a known issue with replication failing when the first item in nested list data structure is [null] or an empty list. These issues can manifest as replication failing to pass the correct data to nodes, and an error suggesting the correct method cannot be found.

      • workaround: use list.clean to remove the null or empty lists from your data structure. image
  • .Net 4.7

    • Dynamo now targets .net 4.7 - Microsoft has acknowledged a bug which manifests as a hang when interacting with certain WPF controls when using screen resolution scaling. If you encounter hangs/freezes when using watch nodes, this is likely the cause: We are evaluating solutions and will review when Microsoft releases an update fixing this issue. In the meantime we have rolled back to some WPF 4.5 algorithms to avoid the issue.
    • DynamoCore public nugets lib paths have been updated to reflect .Net 47 migration, 3rd party developers using 2.1.0 nugets will most likely need to update their project reference settings to continue building the project.
  • DynamoRaaS package AKA Dynamo Daylighting Workflows package is no longer supported in DynamoCore by default.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a regression introduced in Dynamo 2.0.2 that crashed Dynamo when launched on a computer without Revit, user should now be able to use DynamoSandbox independently, although geometry nodes are still depending on other Autodesk products being installed for now. (PR)
  • Node Surface.Join obsoleted, user will be forwarded to use PolySurface.ByJoinedSurface. (PR)
  • Fixed a bug causing graph with Heterogeneous list update end up hanging Dynamo session. (PR1, PR2)
  • Fixed a bug when entering three dots into a code block node inside a custom node workspace would crash Dynamo. (Issue, PR)
  • Fixed a bug that DynamoRevit 2.x dropdowns produces inconsistent results between Revit versions. (Issue, PR)
  • Fixed a bug so that now Dynamo supports namespace conflict resolution inside imperative blocks. (Issue, Forum Issue, PR)
  • Fixed a bug so that Dynamo no longer crashes on Node2Code of a node having namespace conflicts. (Issue, PR1, PR2)
  • Fixed a bug so that putting [IsVisibleInDynamoLibrary] in Dynamo Nodes code still hide node properly in Library. (Issue1, Issue2. PR)
  • Fixed a bug so that string indexing re-enabled in Dynamo 2.X. (Issue, PR)
  • Fixed a bug so that Dynamo avoids namespace collisions when collapsing graph to custom node. (PR)
  • Fixed a bug so that Image.pixels node now read full image without offset. (Issue, PR)
  • Fixed a bug so that Keep List Structure selection on node context menu is respected again. (Issue, PR)
  • Fixed a bug so that state changes for the IsOutput and IsInput node will set the graph "needs save" flag. (Issue, PR)
  • Fixed a bug so that IsOutput flag and InitialValue are now serialized correctly for Integer Sliders with Dynamo 2.1. (PR)
  • Fixed a bug so that node preview of CBN with multi output port will now expand with Dictionary output. (PR)
  • Fixed a bug so that Upstream Geometry Preview enable/disable options are removed in right click context menu as well as other places. (Issue, PR)
  • Fixed a bug so that when Dynamo Player continuously open a graph for edit, view information will stay up-to-date. (PR)


New Functionality:

  • Add Refinery support. More details can be found at link

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix broken behavior of [IsVisibleInDynamoLibrary] attribute with interface and enums, where UI node would not be hidden properly in the Library browser Github Issue
  • Fix the bug which created duplicate annotations and notes in custom nodes, resulting in file bloat Github Issue
  • Fix List.MaximumItem erroring with mixed types Github Issue
  • Dictionary preview now works properly in CodeBlock Nodes
  • Fix for incorrect warning displayed with partial multi-output custom node Github PR
  • Fix so that library searching now used spaces and special characters properly Github PR
  • Fix "bad read of entry . . ." error when downloading some packages, such as Lunchbox. Github Issue


  • Improved security for Package Manager interactions (Compatibility with Transport Layer Security protocol 1.2)
  • Dynamo rendering precision now allows for much lower resolution faceting for faster graphics Github PR


  • Three T-Splines geometry nodes have been deprecated in favor of new ones. Refer to the Dynamo Node Changes Wiki page for details.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fix "bad read of entry . . ." error when downloading some packages, such as Lunchbox. Github Issue


  • Improved security for Package Manager interactions (Compatibility with Transport Layer Security protocol 1.2)


  • Three T-Splines geometry nodes have been deprecated in favor of new ones. Refer to the Dynamo Node Changes Wiki page for details.

Known Issues:

  • Green Cloud update won't work for 1.3.4 as we already have a version (2.0.1) that's higher than this version. Please go to to download and install 1.3.4


Bug Fixes:

  • Library search works when special characters are used.
  • The library now functions when other Windows services are running. For example, antivirus software no longer has conflicts with the library and performs as expected.
  • Comments for Input nodes in custom nodes are now saved to JSON.
  • View blocks in custom nodes are correctly serialized after editing and saving custom node properties.
  • PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves works as it did in 1.x. This node has also been updated with a new tolerance parameter.
  • File Path node is now compatible with Dynamo Player inputs.

Known Issues:


New Functionality:

  • Change from XML based file format to JSON to facilitate future use and reuse of Dynamo graphs in non-Windows, web-friendly environemnts. With the exception of some deprecated functionality as noted below, all information in 1.x files will be preserved and migrated to the new 2.0 format. To prevent data loss, a copy of the 1.x file will be saved in the specified backup location as [original_Name]_xml.dyn.
  • A new web-compatible node library that can be reused in other contexts has been introduced
    • Custom nodes and packages will now appear separately from out-of-the-box nodes in the Add-ons section of the library
    • Out-of-the-box nodes have been reorganized in the library to allow for easier browsing
  • Nodes without DesignScript equivalents have been renamed without the misleading "dot" notation, e.g., "List.Create" is now "List Create"
  • Several DesignScript changes have been made to simplify the language for easier maintenance and increasing legibility. See the the wiki for a list of changes.
  • A new Dictionary data type has been introduced to DesignScript, allowing users to index collections of data with Strings (instead of integers) and pass them around as compact custom data objects identified by a “key value”.
    • The introduction of this new data type also introduces new initialization syntax for for both dictionaries and lists. Dictionaries use the following syntax {key:value}; Lists use the following syntax [value,value,value]
  • Python editor improvements including multiple editor window support, re-execution capability from the window, and custom template loading.
  • Integer data type promoted to 64 bit
  • Addition and update of nodes including:
    • Color Picker node
    • File.AppendText
    • GetDirectory Contents with recursive access to subfolders
    • Updated ImportExcel node to suppress launching of Excel window
    • Modulo operator (%) now follows the standard behavior of Python, Excel, and Google calculator, returning a modulo which follows the sign of the divisor.
  • Introduced new "Auto" lacing option on nodes. Nodes set to "Shortest" lacing in 1.x graphs will automatically be migrated to have "Auto" lacing in 2.0.
  • Method resolution errors are more succinct and contextually relevant
  • Dynamo Sandbox is delivered with 2.0 installer in "Program Files\Dynamo\Dynamo Core\2"

Deprecated Functionality:

  • Redundant nodes have been consolidated. For example, instead of List.Flatten and Flatten, or List.Count and Count, there is simply List.Flatten and List.Count
  • Overload nodes that had inputs that varied in rank only have been consolidated.
  • Drag and drop of nodes from the library to specific locations in the canvas is no longer supported
  • Presets
  • Preview Upstream
  • Saved pin state of the preview bubble
  • NewtonRootFind1DNoDeriv and NewtonRootFind1DWithDeriv
  • Custom nodes cannot be located among out-of-the-box nodes and categories
  • Package library locations on disk are no longer automatically migrated from earlier versions to 2.0 package locations.
  • Number nodes no longer support range syntax. Note: 1.x graphs containing number nodes with range syntax will automatically be migrated to code block nodes in 2.0.

Dynamo for Revit issues:

  • Revit Model Curves, Detail curves, Tags, and Text notes that are selected are no longer automatically rendered in geometry previews. This is by design to make them consistent with other Revit elements and prevent certain crashes. Users can still use Element.Geometry and Element.Curve to visualize the curves. Tags and Text notes do not have real geometry to visualize, as they are View specific elements.
  • Due to conflicts with the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) component found in Revit 2019, the library can scroll erratically.
  • Some keyboard shortcuts do not work in Dynamo for Revit 2019.0. These include Ctrl+Z for Undo and Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V for Copy/Paste.
  • When upgrading with the Green Cloud in Revit, two dialogs will appear. In order for the update to occur, you must close Revit before closing the second dialog.

For Package Developers:

  • Please consult the list of API changes for any ZeroTouch or NodeModel migrations that will be necessary to implement: Additionally, you can utilize this guide to help you with the transition from 1.x to 2.0:
  • Introduction of new dictionary and list syntax may cause issues with ZeroTouch inputs, specifically for default arguments. When opening graphs, migration of 1.x lists to new 2.0 syntax will be done for all cases except for default argument attributes in ZeroTouch nodes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Previous version of Dynamo accumulated at least 10 mb of memory on open of each graph
  • Volume conversion fixed in "Convert Between Units" node

Known Issues:

  • For custom nodes, using dot-notation in node Names or Categories will result in additional nested sub-categories. The "." will work as a delimiter to determine the additional hierarchy. This is new behavior in the library for Dynamo 2.0.
  • Dynamo 2.0 has a conflict with Revit 2018.2’s implementation of PnID Modeler resulting in a blank library browser pane. This issue is not present in 2018.1 or 2018.3, or Revit 2019, just 2018.2. If you want to use 2.0 with Revit 2018.2, you will need to remove the the manifest file C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 2018\AddIns\PnIDModeler\PnIDModeler.addin
  • If the network drive pointed to by “Manage Node and Package paths” is > 1TB in size loading Dynamo may take a minute or more, irrespective of actual package size. We recommend drive size of 100GB or smaller.
  • Toggling the freeze state can cause a node to be executed twice after editing a Code Block Node.
  • Installers fail to prompt for missing VC++ components which causes Dynamo to silently crash at load time
  • Packages that deliver DynamoServices.dll may have corrupted multi-output port nodes; instead of multiple output ports, they will be collapsed into a single output port.
  • Some JSON graphs may open and erroneously appears to have unsaved changes as shown by the asterisks in the workspace tab.
  • If your workstation contains multiple major versions of Dynamo, e.g, Dynamo 1.x and Dynamo 2.x, Dynamo Player will start with whichever version you select for Dynamo for that session.
  • Custom node libraries that contain the same category and node names result in unexpected library organization.
  • Special characters are ignored in the Library Search.
  • Namespace conflicts in Imperative Blocks cause unexpected input ports to appear. See the Github issue for more info. To get around this, define the function outside of the Imperative Block like this:
pnt = Autodesk.Point.ByCoordinates;
lne = Autodesk.Line.ByStartPointEndPoint;

    x = 1;
    start = pnt(0,0,0);
    end = pnt(x,x,x);
    line = lne(start,end);
    return = line;


New Functionality:

  • Compatibility with Revit 2019

Known Issues:

  • Some keyboard shortcuts do not work in Dynamo for Revit 2019.0. These include Ctrl+Z for Undo and Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V for Copy/Paste.


See for a full report

New Functionality


  • Geometry Working Range, a solution that adjusts numerical precision to accommodate these large numbers.
  • Isolate Selected Geometry
  • A direct link to the Dynamo Dictionary is added at the bottom of help menu popup window for each node. Definitions are currently available for the out-of-the-box core Dynamo nodes, and we are actively working on Revit nodes.
  • Multi-output port re-connect feature using Shift+Left-Click
  • Highlight geometry from selection in preview bubbles and watch nodes.
  • DateTime.Format: (shout out to Radu Gidei!)

Dynamo Studio:

  • Translate (CAD import) functionality now supports 3DM (Rhino) and SAT file formats, in addition to DWG and DXF. (Additionally, import of FBX, OBJ, STL, and SKP formats are supported, but there is currently limited downstream capabilities with these meshes.)

Dynamo for Revit:

  • Revit allows for duplicate parameter names in a file, and Dynamo is now able to consistently pick between Named or Built-In parameters.
  • Preview Bubbles enabled for Revit Selection nodes
  • New Revit nodes: a number of Creation methods for System Families, added access to Global Parameters, and exposed file auditing tools with the Performance Advisor.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed line break issue in for group titles, increased group titles font size
  • Convert between units now gives correct Hectares for Area conversion
  • Fixed File Paths with spaces sometimes converting paths to escaped URI path
  • Fixes to Arc.ByCenterPointRadiusAngle, Arc.StartAngle, and Arc.EndAngle
  • Fixes to escape character (\) behavior and character escape sequences that are similar to C#: Now there are only certain characters that can be escaped and that qualify as valid syntax. All other character escape sequences are not valid and will result in syntax errors when used in strings in a code block node.
\' – single quote, needed for character literals 
\" – double quote, needed for string literals
\\ – backslash
\0 – Unicode character 0
\a – Alert 
\b – Backspace 
\f – Form feed 
\n – New line 
\r – Carriage return 
\t – Horizontal tab 
\v – Vertical quote 
\uxxxx – Unicode escape sequence for character with hex value xxxx

Other character escape sequences may have worked in 1.2 but they were really bugs as they were inconsistent with standard escape character rules.

String node is recommended for the purpose of using string literals as DesignScript doesn't have any native syntax for string literals.


Important Bug Fixes:

  • Full Installation of Dynamo for Revit included in the Revit 2017.1 release will no longer remove Dynamo 1.x installations in previous versions of Revit. Dynamo for Revit 1.2 will now also be installed for any installation of Revit 2015 or 2016 as well.
  • Dynamo for Revit is now included in Revit 2017.1 network deployments.
  • Dynamo Player no longer takes all of 1 processor when launched.


New Functionality :

  • New out-of-the-box Revit functionality, including FaceBased Family creation, Coordinates, Detail Curves, Dimensions, Filled Region, Filters, Location enhancements, Materials, Parameters, Revisions, Rooms, Tag, Text notes, and Element queries.
  • New list management tools found on node input ports that can greatly simplify many workflows and reduce the need for List.Map and List.Combine in most places.
  • Geometry Preview state of nodes shown in color change

Important Bug Fixes:

  • 4 most common crashes identified through crash error reporting have been fixed. These failures were a combination of divide by zero and Null reference exception thrown from preview and some issues during initialization with Revit, which account for 30% of all reported crashes in Dynamo 1.1.
  • Graphs with large vertex counts consume 1 processor when program is idle
  • All Elements Of Category fails for Views
  • Package Manager Crash and upload fixes
  • Custom node can only place family instance(s) in isolation. Multiple use of same CN on graph results in 'last node wins'
  • Number from Feet and Inches rounds input text incorrectly and output is confusing
  • Circle.ByBestFitThroughPoints is always horizontal
  • Preview Control Crash when deleting ObjectSelector node before running completed
  • Crashes with adjacent install of some Autodesk products
  • Solid By Sweep 2 Rails incorrect with rotated NURBS curve
  • Opening dyn file whose dyn extension is missing corrupts Dynamo
  • Arc.ByStartPointEndPointStartTangent doesn't work well with all Tangents
  • Graphs with large vertex counts consume whole processor when program is idle
  • CoordinateSystem Scale methods do not work
  • Add option to Curve.ByBlendBetweenCurves to create G2 continuous blend curves


New Functionality :

  • A whole new bunch of Library added for T-Spline Nodes. You can turn on this option from Settings to view the T-Spline nodes in Library. T-Splines modelling technology is now exposed in Dynamo to enable new organic and freeform geometry creation tools. There are approximately 150 new nodes that are a subset of the existing geometry library. Since this is an advanced functionality that may be useful only in certain non-standard workflows these nodes by default will be hidden in the library and will not interfere in node search results unless explicitly turned on in the Settings -> Experimental menu. The new functionality offers a wide range of capabilities to create and edit T-Spline surfaces and also conversion to and from NURBS and meshes.
  • New notification center provides you with more details on system crashes and errors, such as when DLL incompatibilities between Dynamo and other Revit Addins are detected at startup
  • New Settings menu option to Show or Hide Preview Bubbles
  • We have fixed the long pending issue of Screen Capture, now it doesn't matter how big your graph is, everything will be visible at whatever zoom level you are at when you use Export Workspace as Image.

Important Bug Fixes:

  • Element Binding (the ability of Dynamo to track and modify rather than duplicate or replace elements in Revit) had some regressions in Revit 2017. These are fixed.
  • Freeze does not delete elements created in Revit anymore.
  • Fixed issue related to FamilyInstance.SetRotation, now you can use this node with Run Automatic mode as well and your first instance won't get placed randomly in a different location and crash issues have been addressed
  • Fixed long pending issue with Importing series of Swept Solids, Now while after importing all Surfaces are there.
  • Localization crash fixes with Norwegian, German and French
  • Dynamo for Revit no longer crashes at startup with non-compliant Views (not 3D)
  • When selecting any labeled item only that item's label gets displayed, no additional labels are displayed
  • Fixed errors on Code Block Nodes and String Nodes that are published to Web and accessed from the Customizer view
  • Read-only nodes and directories can now be loaded in Dynamo.
  • Mapping flatten nodes and flatten on single values no longer replaces data with null values
  • Arc.ByStartPointEndPointStartTangent no longer fails using a normalised vector
  • Direct Shape now recognizes material input properly
  • /verysilent install of Dynamo for Revit now completes without user interaction
  • Fixed crash with closed curve as input to Surface.ByLoft
  • Dot product no longer returning erroneus scalars
  • Zero radius and related bad geometry errors no longer create crash
  • Turning off "Revit Background Preview" no longer turns off "Background Preview" on relaunch of Dynamo.

Other Changes:

  • Now once you add a new path for Package location then all the packages from the new path will get loaded without relaunching Dynamo.
  • We have improved the preview bubble for its Pin and hover over related issues.
  • Updated the compact view of the preview bubble to display information about the number of items in an output list.
  • Quick Access to "Getting Started" from Help menu
  • From this release, we stopped migrating of 0.6.3 and 0.7.0 files. If your old files contain nodes from above two releases then you have to open those files on an earlier version (till 1.0.0) and the save them.

Known Issues:

  • Installing Dynamo 4 Revit 1.1 Will require a reinstallation of Dynamo Studio with Studio 1.1 (1.0 and 1.1 cannot co-habitate). This issue will not happen in the future, when Future Dynamo Core installation will work with older versions of Products.
  • Simplification of some overload methods will result in minor changes in behavior. Please see this document for specific nodes affected:


  • API Stabilization: 1.0.0 is a commitment to stable code that allows for smoother and more reliable movements from one version to another. To more clearly express this, we have been moving to “semantic versioning” to illustrate the nature of changes in each release. We will be using the fairly standard version naming with an x.y.z system, where x incrementing represents breaks to the API (requiring developer refactors), y indicates changes that are still backwards compatible, and z are smaller bug fixes. Package creators and maintainers are encouraged to assess changes to the previous code, which can be found here

  • Graphics performance enhancements: see this post for details

  • Documentation: Along with new sections of the DynamoPrimer (, we have started an online documentation of the Dynamo API with a searchable index of public API calls for core functionality. This will be expanded to include regular nodes and Revit functionality.

  • Licensing: Dynamo Studio is now using a new version of the Autodesk installer that allows for easier access to network and token flex licensing tools

  • Install: we have created a separate installation for "core" Dynamo functionality, those tools used by all implementations of Dynamo, and Revit, and Studio installations. This allows for the sharing of a common core of Dynamo code and packages.

  • List Management: Changes to "replication" or automated matching of different data streams in nodes and Code Block nodes eliminates the need for List.Map and List.Combine in many situations

  • Send to Web: formerly known as Share Workspace, we have improved the ability to view and interact with Dynamo online with Customizers

  • File Export: Users can now author DWG files in the Translation section of Dynamo Studio.

  • Direct Shape: Dynamo in Revit 2017 can now take advantage of faster and more sophisticated direct shape creation. In most cases, solid and surface geometry can be sent directly into the Revit environment as smooth (rather than tesselated) surfaces and solids, categorized to whatever is needed. In the cases where a smooth element cannot be created, a tesselated (mesh) object is created, as was the case previously.

Bug Fixes

Known Issues


Dynamo Core

  • Direct manipulation: Sometimes numerical manipulation isn’t the right approach. Now you can manually push and pull Point geometry when in navigating in the background 3d preview.
  • Freeze Functionality: When you have long running portions of your graph, or don’t want to export data to other applications, or want to debug some logic, don’t unplug your nodes. Now you can suspend execution of specified nodes in the graph by using Freeze in the right-click contextual menu
  • Search Enhancements: Only look at the node libraries you want to with new filtering tools. See more options at once by using a compact view, or get more information with the detail view.
  • Zoom re-center: Select a node, then zoom and recenter your orbit on it in the 3d Preview Navigation
  • CNtrl-drag: Copy/Paste nodes in a familiar way
  • Add comments to custom node inputs and full default states for complex data types
  • More forgiving DesignScript syntax: Users can now write instance methods (ex. MyCurve.PointAtParameter(0.5)) as Static Methods (ex. - Curve.PointAtParameter(MyCurve, 0.5))

Known issues

  • No backwards compatibility with 0.9.0 and before. This is due to neccessary changes to the Dynamo API in advance of 1.0. These changes can be found in the API Changes document

  • In some situations, placement of Adaptive components requires a change in list structure. The AC placement nodes now expect to receive lists of lists of placement coordinates. In the past, the nodes expected to only place one AC, now it expects to place many. If you are going to only place a single component, it needs to be nesting into a list.

  • With Win10 the Dynamo Background Preview is blank. If your Win10 workstation contains a graphics card that used to work with Dynamo running Win7 or 8 and you experience an inability to render graphics you may wish to consult:

Dynamo Studio

  • Share your work online: Share interactive parametric models online. Just publish your Dynamo graph and send a link to your colleagues or the whole world. People can view and interact with your designs in a regular web browser with no Dynamo installed
  • ImportExport: Read directly from DWG files and only pull out those pieces of the file that you want.
  • When a user downloads a dyn from the Customizer (or Shared Workspace), the dyn's Run setting is automatically set to "Manual". This may be confusing to some users when they open the dyn in Dynamo and see all Nulls in the outputs: simply click the Run button.
  • Users have been reporting that the Customizer (Shared Workspaces) functionality is missing in Studio 0.9.1. If this is happening to you, please try uninstalling Studio 0.9.1 and reinstalling it. We are aware of the bug and a fix will be available soon. Please reach out to us if you experience any other related issues.

Dynamo for Revit

  • Batch placement of adaptive components : Huge improvements to the speed and reliability of placing large numbers of adaptive components. Note that the nodes now expect lists of lists as inputs, so you may have to update your 9.0 graphs.


Create DirectShape Elements in Dynamo

  • You can now wrap meshes, solids, and surfaces in a DirectShape and place it into your Revit Model

Library Enhancements

  • The library is now organized in a tree view to make it easier to find the nodes you want. Node types have also been color-coded to make it easier for you to locate create, action, and query nodes in the library

Manage Custom Node and Package Paths

  • Add paths to makes nodes and packages show up in the library

Node Layout Cleanup Improvements

  • Clean up layouts considering groups as a whole or clean up layouts within groups

Background Preview works on Remote Desktop and Parallels

  • For remote systems with GPUs and virtual machines with hardware-acceleration, background preview is now visible.

Additional Updates and Improvements

  • New Chapters and expansion of the Dynamo Primer
  • Easier to read Search Results
  • Node to Code Stabilization
  • Improved 'Canvas Snapshot' functionality
  • Move to .NET 4.5
  • Lots of bug fixes


Local Network Package and Definition location

  • use a common shared network folder within an office environment.

Preset Graph States

  • Keep track of different states of your graph and develop design options with Presets, found in the Edit menu

Color on surfaces

  • Square arrays of color can now be applied to surfaces with the Display.BySurfaceColors node


  • Select groups of nodes and automatically create Code Block Nodes from the selection
  • Known issues that we will continue to work on


  • Tooltips and search algorithm improvements for in canvas search (via right click)


  • Now localized to 12 languages (Dynamo for Revit and Dynamo standalone)
  • Define the localization for Dynamo standalone Instructions here


Command Line Interface

  • DynamoCLI now available for executing non-Revit Dynamo graphs

Package Manager

  • Publish a package locally from Dynamo for Revit

Known Issues


New Graphics pipeline

Graph Management


  • Improved handling of Excel.Read, including more robust management of null values and ragged lists
  • Excel.Read now has a ReadFromFileAsString toggle, to preserve text imputs if desired
  • Excel.Write now has the option to completely overwrite data in a sheet, or only the affected cells
  • Excel.Write ignores popup messages


  • List.Transpose now keeps indices of lists consistent
  • List.Clean removes null and empty lists from a given list, with or without preserving indices
  • IF nodes will now lace over test input. Example, list with inputs {true, false, true}, {1,2,3}, {a,b,c} will result in {1,b,3}. Previously, result would be {{1,2,3},{a,b,c},{1,2,3}}. See submission


  • FamilyInstance.SetRotation node


  • Dynamo for Revit is now localized based on the Operating System locale.


  • Control the preview state of multiple nodes at once in right-click menu
  • Node port tooltips now show default inputs
  • In canvas search available via Shift-DoubleClick and Right-Click
  • Drag and drop nodes from the browser
  • ExportToSAT now has units control
  • Backup files are now created to recover lost work. Backup folder location available in the Start page

Known Issues


New Features

User interface:

  • More visually understandable and scannable node functionality with icons in the node library
  • Expanded tooltip information in the node browser
  • Improved keyword search capabilities

Custom Nodes:

  • Lacing for Custom Nodes
  • Default Values for Custom Nodes
  • Type input tooltips for Custom Nodes


  • Unicode (Special Character) handling in Code Block Nodes and Data exchanged with other applications (like getting and setting Revit parameters)


  • Fillet and Chamfer for Solids and Polysurfaces
  • New Mesh tools available on the Package Manager from MeshToolkit


Run Auto

  • default state for new documents
  • Run state is now saved per file (rather that set per session)



Namespace Collisions:

  • Existing Code Block Nodes no longer affected by name collisions with functions that come from installed packages. For instance, Point.ByCoordinates in a Code Block Node was affected by a collision with a Point. operation in the popular Rhynamo package and would throw an error saying “Warning: Dereferencing a non-pointer. Dereferencing a non-pointer.”

Hardware Acceleration in Revit 2015

  • Hardware Acceleration was turned off when running in Revit 2015. Graphic speed and clarity is greatly improved


  • 0.8 is in a new folder structure to enable side by side installs with 0.7. There is a one time only copy/paste of existing Packages from the 0.7 folder to 0.8 for your convenience

Known Issues


New Features

  • SAT files read from disk can be automatically updated in Dynamo graph using Geometry.ImportFromSAT
  • Floor creation for structural types is now supported


  • Element.Geometry and Element.Face no longer crashes when used in Revit 2015 when executed on large groups of Revit geometry.
  • Upgraded Excel.Write nodes no longer show as “Unresolved”.
  • View.ExportAsImage will now export views other than default {3d}
  • Dynamo does not conflict with other addins. Previously, Dynamo would fail to launch in Revit when Unifi, Maxwell, Enum, or Kiwi Bonus Tools or a few other add-in were installed on Revit 2015.
  • Users can now run Dynamo as an external program for debugging libraries in Visual Studio
  • Better error messaging in Code Block Nodes
  • modelcurve.bycurve no longer creates duplicate elements when adding to an array
  • Copy/Paste of nodes now maintains lacing setting
  • Many more bug fixes

Known Issues


New features

  • Automatic update of Dynamo from changes to files on disk. Use File.FromPath nodes to drive changes from external files like Excel, images, and text files. Files being read from disk are not locked, so you can edit them on the fly.
  • Added hooks to allow for Dynamo for Structural Analysis (additional Package) workflows with Autodesk Robot.
  • LoopWhile node for iterative workflows
  • Package Manager sync and display improvements
  • Easier to use Structural Framing nodes
  • List.UniqueItems now works on Revit elements, strings, numbers, and geometry and also handles null values.
  • Migration tools for 3rd party Library loading
  • View selection via a dropdown

Bug fixes

  • Improvements to Autocomplete (Autocomplete is off for comment areas, better handling of conflicts with 3rd party library class names, commit for autocomplete only with tab, enter, dot and single left clicking)
  • Crash fixes for Package Manager
  • Libraries loaded from disk or packages now only exposed needed nodes
  • Changing Lacing triggers re-execcution of the graph
  • Consistent notation for booleans (true/false)
  • Import instance does not create multiple instances when regenerated
  • Code Block Node output port positioning improvements
  • GroupByKeys, List.Map, List.Scan fixes
  • Surface.byLoft and Solid.byLoft fixes
  • Error message improvements
  • Changing location in revit is not picked up as a document change in Dynamo
  • Custom node creation fixes (crash and bad input ports on creation)
  • Curve extraction from surfaces now works on all surfaces
  • Revit element creation and modification improvements, particularly around Views and Levels

###0.7.3 ###

New features

  • Autocomplete in Code Block Nodes
  • Share user-created binaries (.dll files) through the Package Manager
  • Share sample content (.rvt, .rfa, .dyn files and more) through the Package Manager

Bug fixes

  • Improvements to the core threading model (Scheduler)
  • Reduced incidence of unresponsive graph
  • Better error messages
  • clearing and updating error messages
  • Many small geometry improvements/fixes


Incremental Release with:

  • Significant Stability Improvements
  • More robust interaction with Revit elements
  • Fixes to many small geometry tools
  • Installer overhaul

Some specifics

  • Preview Geometry in Revit (2015 Sundial Release only)
  • Smaller download
  • Directly open Samples folder from Help menu
  • Object type is properly labeled on nodes for geometry outputs
  • Improved documentation for 3rd party developers
  • Advanced Tutorial Content
  • Vast Regression Testing overhaul
  • Solid.DifferenceAll(take one solid and get the Boolean difference with it versus a list of other solids0
  • Copy Lacing and Nickname settings when copy/pasting
  • List.UniquItems now works for geometry elements
  • Improved handling of large numbers of geometric elements
  • Improved Align Selection
  • Improved converting Revit Walls to Dynamo geometry
  • Improvements to search speed
  • Improved handling of updates to 0.6.3 packages
  • Improvements to If node uses in custom nodes
  • Fixed Vasari-specific compatibility issues
  • Fixed Model Line creations from Dynamo curves
  • Fixed Surface.ByPatch error with closed polycurve
  • Fixed Solid.ThinShell
  • Fixed crashes in Revit document switching
  • Fixed Mesh improperly scaled when extracted from Topography
  • Fixed Curve.TangentAtParameter on curve from offset Polycurve crashes Dynamo
  • Fixed crash using PolyCurve.Offset
  • Fixes to Curve.Project behavior
  • Fixes to Curve.PullOntoPlane behavior
  • Fixed StructuralFraming.Location
  • Fixed CBN not being parsed as a culturally invariant string
  • Fixed Background preview level of detail for curves
  • Fixed Copy/Paste of Code Block node problems
  • Fixed nested List.Map
  • Fixed Lacing issues on many nodes
  • Fixed for Integer/Double interactions
  • Fixed negative values in range expressions
  • Fixes to multi-output nodes (Raybounce node and others)
  • For more fixes, see

Back office Improvements:

  • Installer can now run silently for custom deployments
  • MVVM refactoring: Standard Code separation and formatting for greater legibility and code reusability
  • Separation from Revit dependencies for easier porting of Dynamo to new applications
  • Recursion: ScopeIf node for use in recursive custom node workflows (experimental)

Older Releases

Archive of Release Fixes and Improvements

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