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Security Education Companion build Status

Development with Docker

$ cp .env.example .env
$ cp docker-compose.yml.example docker-compose.yml
$ docker-compose up --build -d
$ docker-compose exec app rake db:setup

After running rake db:setup you can navigate to http://localhost:3000/admin and log in using:

Running browser tests from within Docker is not currently supported. See #477 for more information.

Development without Docker

  • Install Ruby, Rails, and other gems the usual way.
  • install Yarn and run yarn install to install Javascript dependencies.
  • If you don't already have it, install or Chrome or Chromium for browser tests, eg sudo apt install chromium-browser.

Local Testing

It is sometimes useful to test the production environment locally. You can do this by setting DISABLE_SSL = true in .env, and then using RAILS_ENV=production:

$ RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rspec
$ RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails c
$ RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails s