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🌎 The mapstyle for StreetComplete
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StreetComplete Mapstyle

The goal of this project is to create a new style for the map which will be used by the android application StreetComplete

Getting started

What is missing?

To get an overview of what is missing on the map, you should have a look at the issue tracker of this repository. Everything which is missing on the map should be documented there. And if you have a new idea which you can't find in the issue tracker, then you can simply open a new issue for that and tell us about your idea!

If you start to edit the style keep in mind that:

  • the map should not distract from the app's sole purpose
  • StreetComplete is not a map application (map has not to be very detailed)

What should not be added?

  • No POIs
  • No elements which have no relation to the quests of StreetComplete
  • Only things need to be shown that matter on the survey (on foot)
  • That's it! Go ahead and create something awesome!


  • Open the code in Tangram Play (Normal map, Satellite map, Dark map)
  • Change or add something to the style
  • Download the file after you did your work
  • Make a pull request to this repository

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