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A repository to hold Ansible inventory, playbooks, roles and tasks that specify the details of ESGF Node deployments.
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.github added additional info for bug report template Feb 15, 2019
docs Update docs to reflect 4.0.5 release Oct 28, 2019
group_vars Use repaired version of CoG Oct 24, 2019
host_vars Indicate the required portion of the globus username Mar 26, 2019
roles Ensure versions are compatabile in the pub env Oct 25, 2019
.gitignore Include additional sample files for more use cases Mar 18, 2019 Document more changes that will be present in beta2 Mar 20, 2019
ansible.cfg Do not display any info about completely skipped tasks Feb 20, 2019
install.yml Require users to be more specific about certificate installation Mar 18, 2019
install_ns.yml update and add Jul 19, 2019
local_certs.yml Ensure all Globus settings are properly set when installing certs Jul 1, 2019
sample.hosts fixed typos Feb 13, 2019
shards.yml Ensure Solr template files are available when shards are added Oct 24, 2019
status.yml Display Solr shard information Jul 31, 2019
web_certs.yml Ensure key/cert variables are properly specified Mar 20, 2019



Please refer to our documentation site for details on requirements, setup and usage of this tool.

If you are using a new version of ESGF-Ansible be sure to check out what's new.

The site also hosts documentation for each release of the tool, beta and later. For alpha releases refer to the included with those.


Please open an issue for support.

Advice and Contributing

If your site would like to use more specific configuration files and options, or make large site-specific additions, it is encouraged that you fork this repository.

If there are features you believe would benefit all sites that you would like to contribute, please contribute using Github Flow. Create a branch, add commits, and open a pull request.

ESGF-Ansible follows Ansible Best Practices. Most control can be done from the variables within group_vars/* and by altering files, or templates, for a given role.


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