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  1. scAmpi_single_cell_RNA scAmpi_single_cell_RNA Public

    Code related to scRNA analysis using the scAmpi workflow

    R 22 8

  2. TMARKER TMARKER Public archive

    TMARKER is a software for cancer cell nucleus detection, segmentation, counting, and classification.

    HTML 13 7

  3. gExcite_pipeline gExcite_pipeline Public

    single-cell Gene and AnTibody Expression pipeline

    R 3 1

  4. container_workflow container_workflow Public

    Building Containerized Workflows using different workflow engines

    Python 2

  5. ena_upload_ms ena_upload_ms Public

    Python 2

  6. lego_sequencer lego_sequencer Public archive

    A LEGO-based sequencer

    Python 1


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