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MARK Update MARK Feb 27, 2019
Makefile Update Makefile Jan 23, 2018 Update Jun 12, 2019
adc-l ADC single scan mode for STM8L Jun 12, 2019
nRF Update nRF Mar 8, 2019
nRF-L Update nRF-L Mar 8, 2019
rtc.fs Add files via upload Apr 26, 2018
sdinit.fs Update sdinit.fs Jan 11, 2019
ssd1306.fs Add files via upload Mar 23, 2018


This repository is based on .

Thomas supplied a Makefile that gets you started in no time:

hook up a ST-link-V2 to your stm8 board, run "make" in terminal and you are ready to go.

MARK: create marker to easily remove words from flash

adc-l: ADC single scan mode for STM8L

i2c.fs: I2C communication

ssd1306.fs: I2C oled display

rtc.fs: I2C RealTimeClock modules

sdinit.fs: Initialise SD card for SPI communication

sdfat.fs: SD card FAT32 communication

io.fs: GPIO manipulation

nRF: remote console with nRF24 radio's based on Richard's library

nRF-L: the same for STM8L051

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