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Repository files navigation - A visitor counter for your GitHub projects


Simply add ![]( inside your file and voila, you are not countring all the visitors to your project.

Please note that it will ONLY work on GitHub. If you try to access the link from your browser you will get an error.


There are a few customisations that you can apply. If you want me to add more please create an issue of a PR to submit your suggestions.

Query param name Possible values Example value Description
color Any hex color value without the hash color=0000FF Changes the color of the "number" part of the badge
leftcolor Any hex color value without the hash color=0000FF Changes the color of the "text" part of the badge
text Any text Project%20visitors Overrides the default "visitors" text
corners round/square round Overrides the default rounded corners on the badge


There is absolutely nothing being tracked except for the visitor count. In fact, I am unable to create graphs out of this data because I don't store them in an entry by entry fashion but instead I am just incrementing a counter atomically. Also because the requests are coming via GitHub's camo (CDN) service and not through your browser, I can't really see any information even if I wanted to.

I didn't want to host this on a free hosting service because you would get throttling errors, cold starts and all that non-sense. For that reason I chose to pay for the hosting. Don't worry it runs on Azure Functions and Cosmos DB so it's scaleable and blazing fast but it does mean that I have to pay a small amount of money each month. There is no way I would ever charge for something as simple as this but if you want to support me then please consider becoming a GitHub sponsor.


A visitor counter badge for your GitHub projects







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