Example projects

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Happy Cows (JALSE-HappyCows)

A small simulation of cows in a field that randomly move and eat grass (which grows back over time).

Cow mooing [3:4]
New grass has sprouted [56c568e6-33c8-4e29-8249-f0b8089dc161]
Grass has been eaten [ef99c4d8-30b4-4a74-a7fe-4138e908099c]
Cow mooing [1:2]
Cow mooing [3:3]

Text Messengers (JALSE-Messengers)

A small simulation of several people text messaging each other (upon receiving a message a reply is sent back).

3e7fa88e.. -> a8ad6753..: you you to friend am.
cb0d35ae.. -> 29808521..: Hello Hello talking am friend.
8ce55e24.. -> 3b1c9411..: talking am friend to I.
3c82d1b2.. -> f898311d..: Hello friend you friend you.
05ad1c61.. -> 4b8ebffb..: to talking talking I am.
1223f957.. -> c9423f3d..: you Hello talking Hello am.
d76e96cb.. -> 520f2d45..: to I Hello Hello Hello.
4b8ebffb.. -> ca675b37..: friend to you am Hello.

Pong (JALSE-Pong)

A very simple 2 player Pong implementation using Swing. Pong screen capture

RoboMop (JALSE-RoboMop)

A small simulation of a robot mop that randomly cleans the floor. RoboMop screen capture

Zombies (JALSE-Zombies)

A highly configurable zombie infection simulation. Repository transferred by @wlmiller! Zombies screen capture

Life (JALSE-Life)

A Conway's game of life simulation. Repository transferred by @Dting! Life screen capture

Add your own example

If you have a JALSE project and want people to see it send us a request via Issues.

Misc snippets

Some interesting Code snippets!

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