Plasmoid providing fancy visualization of tasks, launchers and jobs
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Plasmoid providing fancy visualization of tasks, launchers and jobs for those who need full power of task manager and fresh look.

KDE4 >= 4.8

This applet uses standard libtaskmanager like other task managers in KDE, so before you report bug check if it also happens in other applets (for example Tasks).

- to make applet more usable you can put it on panel with enabled option "Windows can cover" or similar;
- you can use theme with panel background similar to that of dock (for example Sabre Tiger) or modify current one using Desktop Theme Details;
- you can add launchers to applet by drag and drop of URLs and desktop files when Plasma is unlocked or using configuration dialog;
- to show only launchers you need to remove tasks area item from arrangement;
- to show application jobs you need to add jobs area.

Hidden options:
You can set them in applets configuration file (usually located at "~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc"), in group containing line "plugin=fancytasks".
- "initialZoomLevel" - initial zoom level for zoom move animations (value ranging from 0 to 1, default: 0.7);
- "paintBackground" - decides if background should be painted or not (true or false, default: true);
- "paintReflections" - decides if icon reflection should be painted or not, note that it won't change icon size because of space allocation for drawing task indicators (true or false, default: true);

- manages your tasks, launchers and application jobs;
- tasks filtering, grouping (including manual) and sorting;
- keyboard navigation (Tab and Shift+Tab);
- launcher to task transition with custom connecting rules (icons of launchers with running tasks are hidden if sorting other than manual is enabled);
- tool tips with live preview of windows (when KWin Taskbar Thumbnail effect is enabled);
- highlighting windows when hovering cursor over task or window preview (when KWin Highlight Window effect is enabled);
- visual drop indicator that helps in manual tasks sorting and rearranging launchers;
- dropping files on directory launcher runs command with parameters or gives option to move, copy or link them;
- possibility to browse subdirectories of directory launchers using context menu;
- menu with list of all icons shown after activating keyboard shortcut;
- possibility to add application menus;
- configurable animations (zoom, jump, bounce, highlight, etc.) and appearance (optional thumbnails and text label);
- fully animated icons (including animations of starting applications, tasks needing attention and application jobs progress).