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This is the primary repo of the Extensible Monitoring Platform.

Downloading the Source

There are several links to the side that can download the source as a standalone. However we recommend forking or cloning the master repo:

git clone https://<username>

And if you would like to live on the wild side, use the experimental branch:

git checkout -b experimental origin/experimental

Experimenting With EMP

We made a script for you so you can load EMP up in a terminal and not have to worry about compiling a release binary. But first you will need to compile the source into bytecode.

make emp

This will grab all dependencies into a directory called deps and then compile everything. If there are errors please let us know! Now you can load emp's shell up by typing:


This will start everything up as long as no errors appear! This is the erlang virual machine shell, but it automatically starts EMP when it's run. You will be able to run testing functions from here.

If you are familiar with Erlangs Observer program, feel free to start it up and see the processes running. At this point you can pop open empi and log in as root (which is the only default account at the moment).

Testing EMP

We are still in the process of writing our testing framework, but since we are using Erlangs built in EUnit, testing with rebar is a snap!

make eunit

This will test all dependencies and emp itself using the EUnit testing framework.


We also use rebar for our compiling of EMP into a standalone binary. We streamlined this process into one makefile:

make compile

This will generate a rel directory. The binary will be located at rel/emp/bin/emp.

NOTICE: you do not need to compile a release version of EMP currently, you can do everything you need within the ./ or ./ scripts!

Running EMP release binaries

Go into the release directory and launch emp:

cd rel/emp/bin
./emp start

Then to view it in the shell you can attach to the running node:

./emp attach

Installing EMP

TODO: look at rebar -v generate and rebar install for more information