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Libraries & tools for building Node.js/HTML5 apps & services with declarative models & reusable JavaScript plug-ins.

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  1. jsgraph

    JavaScript directed mathematical graph container and extensible visitor algorithm toolkit based on ideas from the C++ STL and Boost C++ Graph Library.

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  2. ARCcore

    Encapsule/ARC* library common runtime for Node.js. Includes: type, identifier, graph, filter, discriminator, and filter DAG sub-libraries.

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  3. ARCtools

    Addressable Resource Class (ARC) command line tools.


  4. holism

    Experimental HTTP application server and REST framework for Node.js based on declarative data format specifications, developer-defined application model, and plug-in feature API. Based on ideas fro…


  5. hrequest

    Experimental HTTP request client for Node.js / HTML5. Provides Encapsule/ARCcore.filter wrappers for Node request module and XMLHttpRequest. Intended for use in Encapsule/holism-derived apps.


  6. polytely

    Experimental web app built with Encapsule/holstic, Encapsule/holism, Encapsule/ARCcore, & Facebook/React. Click the link to see the latest #master deployed on Digital Ocean:

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