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Enttoi API for web client
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Enttoi API

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Enttoit API for retreiving current persisted state of clients and their sensors, and SignalR for pushing real-time updates via websocket. To be used by different clients - web, hybrid and native applications.

Running in dev

  1. Compile using from VS
  2. Configure environment variables located in Startup.cs
  3. REST API comes with swagger UI at /swagger/ui/index
  4. To get initial state and updates of sensors via websocket:
  • Create proxy CommonHub
  • Subscribe to event sensorStatePush (before connecting to proxy)
  1. To receive notification on entire client going offline or online:
  • Subscribe to event clientStatePush (before connecting to proxy)
  1. To receive a number of connected users
  • Subscribe to event onlineUsersPush (before connecting to proxy)
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