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APK-Info is a Windows tool to get detailed info about an apk file.

The app was originally created by ZoSTeR and posted on Total Commander Forum

Then was updated by jazzruby and this is the original jazzruby thread on XDA

Then was updated by bovirus and this is the reworked thread on XDA


Allows you to view:

  • application icon
  • package name
  • name (in all languages)
  • version
  • build number
  • the minimum, maximum, and target version of the SDK (Android)
  • supported density (DPI) and screen size
  • architecture (ABI)
  • supported textures
  • permissions
  • features
  • signature
  • OpenGL ES version
  • whether app supports Android TV, Wear OS, and/or Android Auto
  • locales
  • a variety of hashes (MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512)
  • and a lot of other information

The application is currently translated into 86 languages. The language is selected automatically based on the language of the operating system, but you can specify the language in the settings file.

The app allows you to go to Google Play, a custom store (APKPure by default) and VirusTotal.

You can rename an APK file using a pre-defined pattern with substitutions.

You can also install or remove this APK file on a device or emulator connected via ADB.

There is integration in the Windows shell.

False positive report about a virus on APK-Info.exe

Some antivirus may recognize APK-Info.exe as a virus.
It's a wrong report (false positive).
Please ignore it.
The application doesn't contain any viruses. See #4

APK-Info features

  • Supports latest API levels available
  • SDK levels is defined in external ini file
  • Multilingual GUI (to add a new language, just edit the external ini file)
  • Automatic recognition of OS language, and setting the right GUI language (86 languages currently available)
  • Option in configuration file to force a specific GUI language
  • Option in configuration file to define pattern for renaming filename
  • Windows shell integration (optional)
  • Support Drag'n'Drop APK to the program window


You can open the APK file in APK-Info using one of the following methods:

  • Start APK-Info, and then select the APK file in the dialog.
  • Open the APK file by clicking on the open button in the dialog.
  • Drag the APK file to APK-Info.exe or its shortcut.
  • Drag the APK file into the running APK-Info window.
  • Open the APK file by double-clicking, after installing APK-Info, as a program for opening APK files (via explorer or attached .cmd file).


Latest releases

Library of old APK-Info versions

How to build the latest version

  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Download the source from github.
  3. Unpack the source on top of the release.
  4. Open the Application-source\APK-Info.au3 file in the SciTE4AutoIt3 editor.
  5. Press F7. The Apk-Info.exe file will be updated.

API Levels supported

Level  1 = Base
Level  2 = Base 1.1
Level  3 = Cupcake
Level  4 = Donut
Level  5 = Eclair
Level  6 = Eclair 0.1
Level  7 = Eclair MR1
Level  8 = Froyo
Level  9 = Gingerbread
Level 10 = Gingerbread MR1
Level 11 = Honeycomb
Level 12 = Honeycomb MR1
Level 13 = Honeycomb MR2
Level 14 = Ice Cream Sandwich
Level 15 = Ice Cream Sandwich MR1
Level 16 = Jelly Bean
Level 17 = Jelly Bean MR1
Level 18 = Jelly Bean MR2
Level 19 = KitKat
Level 20 = KitKat Watch
Level 21 = Lollipop
Level 22 = Lollipop MR1
Level 23 = Marshmallow
Level 24 = Nougat
Level 25 = Nougat MR1
Level 26 = Oreo
Level 27 = Oreo MR1
Level 28 = Pie
Level 29 = 10
Level 30 = 11
Level 31 = 12

Additional info

Android API version

APK-Info Changelog



APK-Info is a Windows tool to get detailed info about an apk file.






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