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Parametric Airfoil and Wing generator v0.1


For a brief overview of the math and specifications used, see


$close_airfoils: Defines whether you want the back of your air foils closed, or if you want them open (default: false)

$airfoil_fn: number of sides for your airfoil. (default: 100)

airfoil_poly help:

This function generates a 2D polygon of an airfoil, using the following variables.

c: Chord length, this is the chord length of your airfoil. (default: 100)

naca: The NACA 4-digit specification for your airfoil. (default: 0015)

airfoil_simple_wing help:

This will generate a simple wing based on one or more supplied airfoils. Each set of airfoils is an individual shape, allowing for very complex variation along the wing.

airfoils (required): Two modes:

Single Airfoil: Specifying a single airfoil will generate a uniform wing based on that airfoil. Upi can specify the airfoil as a set (vector) of [chord, naca].

Multiple airfoils: Specify a set (vector) of airfoils. Individual airfoils are specified the same as a single airfoil (see above). These airfoils will be spaced evenly along the wing length.

wing_angle: a set of angles, [sweep,slope]. Sweep is along the x axis, slope along the y axis. (optional, default=[0,0])

wing_length: length of the wing (optional, default=1000)

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