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Apache Cassandra DAO plugin for Para

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What is this?

Para was designed as a simple and modular back-end framework for object persistence and retrieval. It enables your application to store objects directly to a data store (NoSQL) or any relational database (RDBMS) and it also automatically indexes those objects and makes them searchable.

This plugin allows Para to store data in a Cassandra database.


Read the Docs

Getting started

The plugin is on Maven Central. Here's the Maven snippet to include in your pom.xml:


Alternatively you can download the JAR from the "Releases" tab above put it in a lib folder alongside the server WAR file para-x.y.z.war. Para will look for plugins inside lib and pick up the Cassandra plugin.


Here are all the configuration properties for this plugin (these go inside your application.conf):

para.cassandra.hosts = "localhost,remotehost"
para.cassandra.port = 9042
para.cassandra.keyspace = "myapp"
para.cassandra.user = "user"
para.cassandra.password = "pass"
para.cassandra.replication_factor = 1

# SSL configuration
para.cassandra.ssl_enabled = false
para.cassandra.ssl_protocols = ""
para.cassandra.ssl_keystore = ""
para.cassandra.ssl_keystore_password = ""
para.cassandra.ssl_truststore = ""
para.cassandra.ssl_truststore_password = ""

Finally, set the config property:

para.dao = "CassandraDAO"

This could be a Java system property or part of a application.conf file on the classpath. This tells Para to use the Cassandra Data Access Object (DAO) implementation instead of the default.


BREAKING CHANGE: The schema has changed in v1.30.0 - column json_updates was added. Execute the following statement before switching to the new version:

ALTER TABLE {app_identifier} ADD json_updates NVARCHAR;

This is not required for tables created after v1.30.0.

Here's the schema for each table created by Para:

CREATE TABLE {app_identifier} (
    id            text PRIMARY KEY,
    json          text,
    json_updates  text


  • Cassandra Java Driver by DataStax
  • Para Core


Apache 2.0