2D skeletal animation runtimes for Spine.
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Spine Runtimes

This GitHub project hosts the Spine Runtimes which are needed to use Spine 2D skeletal animation with various game toolkits.


The Spine Runtimes may only be used for personal or internal use, typically to evaluate Spine before purchasing. If you would like to incorporate the Spine Runtimes into your applications, distribute software containing the Spine Runtimes, or modify the Spine Runtimes, then you will need a valid Spine license. Please see the Spine Runtimes Software License for detailed information.

The Spine Runtimes are developed with the intent to be used with data exported from Spine. By purchasing Spine, Section 2 of the Spine Software License grants the right to create and distribute derivative works of the Spine Runtimes.


See the Spine runtime documentation for documentation applicable to all runtimes. See each runtime's README.md for runtime specific documentation.

Bugs, enhancements, and tasks

Review our backlog of bugs, enhancements, and tasks in the spine-runtimes and spine-editor issue trackers. However, you may find it more convenient to use the spine-runtimes waffle and spine-editor waffle, which provide a nicer view of the same issue tracker information.


The code provided here is continuously under development. Generally the latest Git master source works with the data exported from the latest version of Spine. The Spine version can be frozen at a specific Spine version that matches the Spine Runtimes source being used. Occaisionally the Spine Runtimes are tagged to work with a specific Spine version.


Before we can merge your contributions, we will need a signed contributor license agreement (CLA) from you. You can send a copy of the CLA to contact@esotericsoftware.com.

If possible, base your contributions on the current development branch, which is $version-beta, e.g. 3.6-beta. Makre sure to follow the formatting you find in the respective runtime code you contribute to.