Sample data for ArcGIS Runtime SDKs
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This repo contains data for use with ArcGIS Runtime SDK samples. If used in another repo, it will be included as a submodule.


  • \basemaps - Vector basemaps and Tile Packages (.TPK)
  • \elevation - surface elevation data for use with the SceneView/Scene.
  • \geoprocessing - Geoprocessing packages (.GPK) for performing analysis with the LocalServer.
  • \gps - Sample position information for simulating a live GPS feed.
  • \locators - Locator databases for geocoding and reverse geocoding
  • \maps - Map Packages (.MPK) created by ArcGIS for Desktop for use with the LocalServer.
  • \networks - Network datasets for routing.
  • \rasters - Raster datasets for use with the LocalServer via DynamicLayers.
  • \shapefiles - Esri Shapefile datasets.
  • \symbology - Files and datasets for working with symbols and renderers (JSON, XML, S-57 ENC Charts).
  • \textfiles - Files with geospatial data in text format (eg. CSV).


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