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EOS.js for the Browser

This repo contains a browser-friendly version of the eosjs npm module.

To use, copy the eosjs-browser.js into your web frontend's js folder and insert the script into your HTML. Replace path/to with the path to the directory containing eosjs-browser.js:

    <script src="path/to/eosjs-browser.js"></script>
        // eosjs module is available under the global variable `EOS`
        eos = EOS.Testnet();
        eos.getBlock(1).then(result => {console.log(result)})

The current version of eosjs is 10.0.0 with support for Dawn 3.0. We will update this as newer versions come out.

See the eosjs Github for tutorials.

Custom Versions

To compile a newer version of eosjs-browser.js file, run the following commands. If you want to use an older version, specify the version in package.json before running these commands.

npm install -g browserify # try with sudo if this fails
npm install 
browserify main.js > eosjs-browser.js

CDN Support

We are working on CDN support for the eosjs-browser.js file. If anybody can help make this happen, please create an issue to contact us.