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We've got translations and we've got bug fixes!

  • Added translation for Serbian (@pavlepiramida), Norwegian Bokmål (@comradekingu), and German (@fynngodau)
  • Implemented a start screen for new users
  • Added 'clear all' to the search bar (@macdonaldster)
  • Search bar text can now be persisted in the launcher (@macdonaldster)
  • Shorthands should be setting correctly when in search
  • Keyboard (soft or otherwise) can launch web search directly when there is no app result
  • Single tap and swipe down gesture should be able to launch apps now

It's not a big-ish release, but that's up for v1.4.3 to decide.

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@F4uzan F4uzan released this May 8, 2019

I waited for a week for more bugs to show. They don't seem to do so; therefore, new release.

  • Fixed various issues with the search bar and the favourites panel.
  • Made double tap gesture more reliable; it will now only fire one time as opposed to a dozen.
  • Updated Basque and Spanish translation.

Let's hope no big issue appear again.

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@F4uzan F4uzan released this May 1, 2019

I don't know why I decided to put this on hold for so long, but here it is.

  • Changed a few colours here and there.
  • Gestures have been completely reworked. You can remap just about every direction available now, and more actions have been added in.
  • Settings screens are now organised better than ever.
  • Overhauled favourites panel animation to make it less choppy.

It's more than a bugfix™

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@F4uzan F4uzan released this Apr 8, 2019

A slightly more exciting maintenance release.

  • Added translations for Polish by @adam5525, and Spanish by @beriain.
  • Updated Basque translation.
  • Fixed issues regarding search bar visibility when resuming the launcher activity.
  • Optimised memory use, fixed leaks where possible.

Vacation's over. It's back to working out the issues again.

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@F4uzan F4uzan released this Mar 21, 2019

This is the first time the launcher receives two hotfix in a row.

  • Fixed crashing in settings due to invalid drawable reference.
  • Code optimisations.

Very exciting.

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@F4uzan F4uzan released this Mar 18, 2019

A very quick update that sorts out SecurityException with app shortcuts. Nothing else here apart from the slightly better-ish icon.

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@F4uzan F4uzan released this Mar 15, 2019

Another weekly bug-fix (or rather, back to our usual schedule).

  • Support for app shortcuts in Android 7.1+ — apps like Clock, Contacts, and the likes will now show shortcuts to various parts of the app if you access their long-pressed 'Shortcut' menu. This is app-dependent!
  • Fixed crashing caused by reordering pinned apps. (#20)
  • Restoring backups should no longer crash if you have widgets. Backup may not at all restore the widgets, however.
  • Online search prompt/strip should no longer disappear when the user taps on suggestions on their keyboard.
  • Black theme is now actually black, as opposed to off-grey.

And now we go back to our week-long hibernation!

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@F4uzan F4uzan released this Mar 8, 2019

One month worth update, culminated into a single, hopefully-not-buggy release.

  • Super shiny new icon from the designs of @tebriz159. (#15)
  • Implemented shorthands based off of the suggestion in #11 and #16. Shorthands is a second name (or tag, anything you want) that can be used to search for the app.
  • Web search providers can be modified; add them, edit them, delete them, go wild.
  • Widgets support is extended. Multiple widgets can be added, and widgets have their own home. Some widgets still appear weirdly; that is up for the future commit to finish. (#12)
  • More gestures action! You can now do swipe up, double-tap, as well as a swipe-down gesture to expand status bar.
  • Added 'hide status bar' option for ICS & Jellybean. (Completion of #4)
  • Added Basque translation (incomplete for now; may need updating) courtesy of @beriain. (#13)
  • Lots and lots of fixes.

Feels proud to see that long list of changes.

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@F4uzan F4uzan released this Jan 25, 2019

A tad more than a bug fix, I think.

  • Added an option for the app list to stay open. (#7)
  • Trying to fix hidden apps issues with Huawei/EMUI 8.0 device(s). (#8)
  • Minor UI changes in hidden app settings. (#8)
  • Fixed minor web search issue.

Maybe I should get translations up next time.

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@F4uzan F4uzan released this Jan 17, 2019

Hooray, a release that does more than a bug fix!

  • Added the ability to re-order pinned apps.
  • Implemented gestures control: now you can launch apps with a swipe left/right on the desktop.
  • Fixes for pinned apps icon when the pinned app shares package name with another activity.
  • Sorted out inconsistency issues with launcher's smooth slide animation.
  • Probably some more bug fixes here and there.

Next release should have an influx of bug fixes.

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