python multiple-tau correlation algorithm
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Multipe-tau correlation is computed on a logarithmic scale (less data points are computed) and is thus much faster than conventional correlation on a linear scale such as numpy.correlate.


Multipletau supports Python 2.7 and Python 3.3+ with a common codebase. The only requirement for multipletau is NumPy (for fast operations on arrays). Install multipletau from the Python package index:

pip install multipletau


The documentation, including the reference and examples, is available on


import numpy as np
import multipletau
a = np.linspace(2,5,42)
v = np.linspace(1,6,42)
multipletau.correlate(a, v, m=2)
array([[   0.        ,  569.56097561],
       [   1.        ,  549.87804878],
       [   2.        ,  530.37477692],
       [   4.        ,  491.85812017],
       [   8.        ,  386.39500297]])


The multipletau package should be cited like this (replace "x.x.x" with the actual version of multipletau that you used and "DD Month YYYY" with a matching date).

Paul Müller (2012) Python multiple-tau algorithm (Version x.x.x) [Computer program]. Available at (Accessed DD Month YYYY)

You can find out what version you are using by typing (in a Python console):

>>> import multipletau
>>> multipletau.__version__