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   TLDK project scope is as follows:

   1) To implement a set of libraries for L4 protocol processing (UDP, TCP etc.)
   for both IPv4 and IPv6.

   The goal is to provide lightweight, high performance and highly adaptable
   implementation for L4(UDP, TCP etc.) protocol processing. The provided API
   are not planned to be compatible with BSD socket API. These libraries are
   supposed to be built on top of DPDK.

   Note: these libraries are not supposed to be a 'complete' network stack.

   Implementation of ARP, IP, ETHER, etc. layers and related routing tables,
   code for setup, manage and perform actual IO over underlying devices are
   all out of scope of these libraries.

   The only information these libraries need to know about the 
   underlying devices:
   - supported HW offloads
   - MTU and L3/L2 addresses
   That allows the libraries to fill L2/L3 headers and mbuf metadata
   for the outgoing packets.

   These libraries should be developed in such manner, that they could be used
   independently from implementations of 2) and 3).

   2) To create VPP graph nodes, plugins etc using those libraries to implement
   a host stack.

   3) To create such mechanisms (netlink agents, packaging, etc) necessary
   to make the resulting host stack easily usable by existing non-vpp aware

   The library uses siphash logic from the below source


   1) Obtain latest supported DPDK version and build it.
   (refer to for information how to download and build it).
   Currently supported(tested) DPDK versions: 18.11 LTS.
   2) Make sure that RTE_SDK and RTE_TARGET DPDK related environment variables
   are setup correctly.
   3) Go to the TLDK root directory and type: 'make all'.
   4) Run sample applications.

   For enabling unit tests application using GoogleTest please see:

   As an example:
   export RTE_SDK=/opt/DPDK
   export RTE_TARGET=x86_64-native-linuxapp-gcc

   cd tldk
   make all
   ./x86_64-native-linuxapp-gcc/app/l4fwd ...


   |      |
   |      +-- nginx - a clone of nginx integrated with TLDK
   |          (refer to app/nginx/README.TLDK for more information)
   |      |
   |      +--libtle_dring - dring library
   |      |
   |      +--libtle_l4p - implementation of the TCP/UDP packet processing
   |      |
   |      +--libtle_timer - implementation of the timer library
   |      |
   |      +--l4fwd - sample app to demonstrate and test libtle_l4p TCP/UDP
   |           | usage (refer to examples/l4fwd/README for more information)
   |           |
   |           +--test - function test scripts for l4lib using l4fwd
   +----test - unit-tests
   |      |
   |      +--dring - UT for libtle_dring (standalone app)
   |      |
   |      +--gtest - UT for libtle_dring, libtle_l4p and libtle_timer
   |      |     (googletest)
   |      |
   |      +--timer - UT for libtle_timer (standalone app)