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The owner of MiniGUI and the initiator and organizer of HybridOS

Popular repositories

  1. hybridos Public

    HybridOS is a totally new open source operating system designed for smart IoT devices and cloud computing environment.

    C++ 133 31

  2. hiBus Public

    The data bus (the daemon, the command line, and the library for clients) for the device side of HybridOS.

    C 7 5

  3. The core library of mDolphin, which is a WebKit-based WWW browser for MiniGUI 3.0 or later.

    C++ 6 2

  4. GUIBuilder of miniStudio

    C 4 1

  5. hibox Public

    The libubox derivative for HybridOS

    C 3 4

  6. This demo shows the new features of MiniGUI 3.0. Note that this demo runs under MiniGUI-Processes runtime mode.

    C 2 3


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