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eSim is an open source EDA tool for circuit design, simulation, analysis and PCB design, developed by FOSSEE Team at IIT Bombay. It is an integrated tool build using open source softwares such as KiCad, Ngspice and GHDL.

Releases and Installation

eSim is released for the following distributions (operating systems):

  • Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 LTS versions.
  • Microsoft Windows 8 and 10.

To use eSim on your machine having above distributions, please refer to link here for installation and other guidelines.

Note for other distributions: You can refer installers branch for documentation on packaging (for above mentioned distributions) to build installers for your operating system in a similar way. For providing your build, please check the Contribution section mentioned below.


  • An open-source EDA tool.
  • Perform Circuit Design.
  • Perform Simulation.
  • Perform Layout Design.
  • Model and Subcircuit builder.
  • Support for Mixed-Signal Simulations including Microcontrollers.
  • eSim has been successfully ported to low cost FOSSEE laptop

Open-Source Softwares Used

eSim Manual

To know everything about eSim, how it works and it's feature please download the manual from here


For any queries regarding eSim please write us on at this email address.


Please refer here for further details.


It is developed by FOSSEE Team at IIT Bombay and is released under GNU GPL License.