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Library for STM32F1x, F4x, F7x and Teensy 3.5/6 based on library Gameduino 3. Playback videos support, for FTDI screens FT81x.
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MexSpa Team contribution for FT81xMania

GD23ZU Library

Library for STM32F1x, STM32F4x, STM32F7x and Teensy 3.5/6 based on library Gameduino 3 Playback videos .avi with sound, from a microSD reader for FTDI; FT810, FT811 and FT813 screens.


We are an enthusiastic team of screens based on FTDI chip. We like programming and share our advances. We have reached this goal, our only interest is to give the opportunity to operate this library to multiple platforms of MCU's in the market. Wait for you to enjoy the codes, of our, your time. Two friends, in Mexico and another in Spain, the water or the puddle does not scare us ... Last month of May, a member of the Team, we left. We move on. Without any interest, we publish this library altruistically.

June 7, 2018 Release initial.

  1. Library based on James Bowman
  2. Library based on lightcalamar GD23STM32_F103x > programmed and modified by @TFTLCDCyg
  3. Library based on STM32_GD2 user @nopnop2002 this link

Library with function special playback videos on MCU's STM32F103x, STM32F407x, Nucleo-STM32F767ZI and Teensy 3.5/6. This library is compatible with the STM32 families described above. For any other MCU's you can use Unified Library GD23Z. All commands are equal to library genuine from James Bowman Gameduino 2/3 last release.

MexSpan Team

Video on youtube launching MexSpa video

STM32F support

Models Boards;  (This boards SUPPORT playback video, see Wiki)
  • STM32F103x (All)
  • STM32F407x (BLACK or M4-DEMO)
  • STM32F429x (Discovery board)
  • Nucleo STM32F767x
  • Consult the documentation different boards to pins SPI1 and SPI2 Follow this board's Wiki

Teensy support

Models Boards;  (This boards SUPPORT playback video (see Wiki)
  • Teensy 3.5 and Teensy 3.6

ESP32 support

It is not yet possible to play videos. To be working very hard and we hope to give the big surprise with this MCU. At the moment only work very fine with library Unified Library GD23Z.

Resolution in test videos files

Today test 700x400 pixels, work very well. Demo file

Testing resolution videos playback

1.June 8, 2018 increase in 790 x 470 pixels videos work very fine.

2.June 12, 2018 maximum resolution of videos is 790 x 470 pixels.

Software requirement

Donwload and use the Core STM32GENERIC by danieleff



  1. Unzip library copy and paste in /home/your_user/arduino-1.8.5/libraries/
  2. Install Arduino Zero or Arduino Sam from the board manager for the arm-none-eabi-gcc compiler
  3. Download the GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain. Recommended use GCC last version, change compiler.path in [platform.txt] (Linux not have problems with lower systems in programming, example win ...)


  1. Unzip library copy and paste path of IDE arduino-1.8.5/libraries/
  2. Install Arduino Zero or Arduino Sam from the board manager for the arm-none-eabi-gcc compiler
  3. Download the GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain. Recommended use GCC ver 5.4.1-2016q2,Change compiler.path in platform.txt to point to that you downloaded.

Adjust the library according to your board and screen

See wiki. Information

Extra libraries

  • To calibrate the FT81x screens in STM32Fx we need an external EEPROM. You can download the AT24C32 library from this link
  • Library SdFat for STM32F be included in core STMGENERIC. This be edited to work in STM32. DO NOT USE the official library. It will not work in STM32 architecture.


  • These screens have a problem, being the length of the SPI BUS cables. The purpose is to be very short, between 7 and 10 mm. Also a tip is to use on this same SPI BUS some pull-up resistors. Be a solution of a forum user by @raufjay

Where to buy FT8xx screens?

  • New Haven Display Location in the USA, Boston, great finish quality.
  • HotMCU Good prices and good design with frame included. Only produce 5 and 4.3 inches, models FT800, FT810 and FT11. Origin; Singapore
  • Riverdi Display Quality and variety of screens, their origin; Poland.
  • Gameduino 3 Original Gameduino3 by James Bowman, release in December 2017, 4.3-inch screen and FT810, UK online store.
  • Luna Electronic GMBH EVE2 Displays from Europe, Germany. Partners New Haven Display (NHD)

Where do I find information about programming EVE2 of FTDI?

Resource and help for FTDI screens

Donwload files examples videos for your test.

Donwload files.avi for test library

Software converter videos

Using this conversion tool is very simple. Read topic, this link attached file software you can convert any video to play.


See wiki on github for options, hardware and more

Useful links


@TFTLCDCyg and @lightcalamar (The MexSpa Team)


LICENSE by James Bowman


  • Infinite thanks to @nopnop2002 STM32_GD2 Library on GitHub
  • Hat tip to anyone who's code was used
  • Inspiration
  • More time frustation...
  • Etc...

YouTube DEMO playback videos on Teensy and STM32Fx with sound !!!

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