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fcgi_util.c SNAP-0910052141 patch commited Apr 10, 2016
mod_fastcgi.c apache 2.4 fix Mar 29, 2017
mod_fastcgi.h SNAP-0910052141 patch commited Apr 10, 2016 Apache2 build files Jul 29, 2002

README for mod_fastcgi

mod_fastcgi is a module for the Apache web server, that enables FastCGI - a standards based protocol for communicating with applications that generate dynamic content for web pages.

FastCGI provides a superset of CGI functionality, but a subset of the functionality of programming for a particular web server API.

Nonetheless, the feature set is rich enough for programming virtually any type of web application, but the result is generally more scalable.

For more information on FastCGI, see on

For information on installing mod_fastcgi with Apache 1.3.x, see the file INSTALL.

For information on installing mod_fastcgi with Apache 2.x, see the file INSTALL.AP2.

For information on configuring an installed instance of mod_fastcgi, see the file CONFIG.

For information on programming FastCGI applications, see on

Finally, if you get stuck - start with the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you still can't find an answer use github issues.

For history the old mailing list are at: