This example showcases model and view separation combined with REST API access and offline caching.
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Basic App Example

A project with all core elements set up. It includes app navigation, basic controls, REST API access and offline caching.


The example offers a best-practice solution how to separate model, view and logic components in your V-Play app. A clean component architecture and data-flow helps to keep create readable code, avoids bugs and makes maintenance or refactoring easy.

You can also find a comprehensive guide about this topic here:

For more information about creating Apps with V-Play Engine, see here:

Installation Instructions

This app was made with V-Play Engine. You need the engine which is freely available on for all desktop platforms.

  1. Go to, register, download and install the free V-Play SDK.
  2. Clone the repository.
  3. Open the project file .pro in QtCreator (comes with V-Play SDK).
  4. Hit run to start the app.

Where to get help

If you need any help feel free to ask in the V-Play Forums or have a look at our online documentation

Contribution guidelines

Currently there are no features open, but if you like to contribute use the code standards coming with the V-Play SDK.

Contributor list

V-Play Team


V-Play GmbH

Contact us


The app sourcecode is released under the MIT license.

Permission is NOT granted to merge, publish, distribute, sublicense and/or sell the provided image, audio and video files of this software.

If You have any questions about those Agreements, please write to or visit